Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am as Pretty as a Curtain

David wrote me a poem.  I will preserve it here, spelling just as it is in the card.

Mom can do many
things! She is best at
cleaning the house.

My moms name is
Heather Truett.

My mom is smart! She
even knows 30 x 30.

I like it when my
mom is happy.

Mom has a pretty
smile. I like to
make her smile by
the house.

She is special
because she is butiful.

My mom is special!

My mom is as pretty 
as a curten.

David Truett
1st Grade

I just want you all to know, there are no curtains in our house.  Just mini-blinds.  So, I will have to ask which curtain I am as pretty as.  ;)


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