Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Savannah Carlyle!

I wish I could call you to wish you a happy birthday, but you do not like to talk on the phone.  Instead, David and I prayed for you on the way to school.  Well, we always pray for you, but this morning we prayed a little longer.  Things we pray for you...

  • That you will seek God with your whole heart
  • That God will bless you and surround you with love
  • That you will be able to feel how much we love you and miss you
  • That you will see blessings in the simplest of things
  • That you will feel motivated and prepared for schoolwork
  • That your weekends will be filled with pleasure
  • That you will enjoy having a baby sister

David has been counting down the days until your birthday.  When I woke him up for school, this morning, the first thing he said (after I took his blanket away and tickled him until he was forced to get up) was, "Today is Savannah's birthday!"

I sent Haydn the story from your Computer Club website.  Though, I am slightly concerned by your knowledge of Lady Gaga, the story was creative and fun.  Haydn loved getting it in his email and rushed into the kitchen to tell me how funny it was. You have a lot of talent, girl.

I hope you read and love the Anne of Green Gables books we sent.  Somehow, I missed reading them as a kid.  I recently have been devouring them, however, and they are wonderful!  Your imagination reminds me of Anne's.  I hope you will love her as much as I do.

I am thinking maybe I can write you a story for your birthday.  I can post it here, in sections.  When it is all finished, I can have a copy bound just for you.  A story with an 11-year-old blonde girl for the heroine.  What do you think? Maybe, if I start very soon, I can send you a finished copy for your twelfth birthday.  In that case, should I make the main girl 12 instead of 11?

I wish we could have this conversation in person. I wish there was some way to heal all of the broken pieces that keep our family from working as a whole - a unit... In the meantime, we will continue to pray for you to grow with wisdom and discernment and for your life to blossom as God intends.

We love you so much.


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