Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011: Peace Update

I know; that title sounds like I am on the front lines in a peace treaty negotiation, and I need to report back on the proceedings.  

I am.

I spend a large chunk of my days refereeing little-boy-fights and counting 1, 2, 3.  I have an egg-timer so I can send them to time-out and there is no begging to leave their rooms.  They know they can come out when they hear the ding.  I pray over them in the car and play music or audio books in an effort to distract them from annoying one another ("I'm not touching you..." to the nth degree).  

However, my update is not so much about the daily ins and outs of parenting.  Rather, if you remember, 2011 was declared my Year of Peace. And, as always, God has His own definition of peace that He is working with, and then I have my definition, and I am looking for that one. The peace I hoped for when I heard Him whisper that word in my heart was the peace I pray for in our situation with Savannah.  I want there to be peace in the hearts of Corey and Savannah and Savannah's mom.  It's only May; that could still happen.  But, I am seeing other things in a new light.

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. 

The strength, in this verse, precedes the peace. Completing our first full homeschool semester, I am finding a peace with my own decisions.  I am feeling a passionate, excited, peace about the people I am meeting and the new directions God is leading me in.  But, in order to get to this point, it took a lot of strength. I didn't realize I had this strength inside me.  Probably because... I don't.  It is a gift.  God is giving me strength and then blessing me with peace.  

I read this verse out of the boys' morning devotion book.  It was perfect two-fold.  For starters, today is David's 7th birthday.  The gift God offered him is peace.  With my 2011 theme being peace, the verse just jumped off of the page and demanded my attention.

Thank you, Jesus.  I love you too.

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