Friday, May 27, 2011

Lucifer Can Walk Again

I have been looking for time to put down my thoughts.  This will not be a cohesive essay.  Rather, I am just going to share some images and impressions I took away from my visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

Walking through some of the exhibits, it felt wrong to be alone.  Or, rather, it felt wrong to stay alone.  So many people were all around, and it seemed like the torturous scenes before us should have drawn us together. Instead, we gave each other space.  No one reached out, even to offer a tissue, when I stopped to cry in a corner.  It strikes me, now, that this "space" we give others is part of how the Holocaust was allowed to happen in the first place.  "Not me. Not my problem. Not my business."

My hands seemed to think I was Catholic when I approached some displays.  They moved, of their own accord, toward the sign of the cross.  I had to still them, feeling silly, since it is not my sign to make.  Is it?  Is there some Methodist equivalent or am I allowed to use the sign of the cross, even as a non-Catholic (Elizabeth Esther, chime in here, please.)? I suppose, the reason for this is simple; my body wanted to respond.  I ached to show respect and honor to those who actually experienced the horror I was only being told about.  

I was the only one in our group to reach out and touch the Mezuzah as I walked by it. I suppose most of the people there simply did not know what it was?  As I touched it, I heard the teenage girls behind me, giggling.  How can anyone GIGGLE in that place? My insides roiled.  I wanted to grab them by the hair.  Strange.  I am not typically a violent person. What a location to learn that violence can live inside even MY heart.

The Propaganda used by the Nazi party is hardly any different from either American party.  As I watched their plan unfold, I felt fear go right through my spine.  How ripe America is for just such a party.  Persuasive and charismatic, speaking to American Pride.  As I watch our country learn hatred toward immigrants (completely forgetting how we immigrated and destroyed the Nations of people already here), I can see it getting even uglier.  Our version of the Holocaust would start by speaking of humane treatment.  It might look like the detention centers we held Asians in before and during WWII.  The worst of the conservative party would start with attacking Muslims.  September 11th would be dishonored and used as nothing more than propaganda.  Muslims and "illegal" immigrants would be first.  Then, like the Germans, we would have rules for what made someone American and others would be picked up and shipped away.  What color triangle would I wear on my jacket? A pink one, because my church accepts homosexuals?  A purple one, because my grandmother and her entire family were Jehovah's Witnesses?  A black triangle, because my stepmother is a black woman? Who knows.  Eventually it would come back to the Jews.  It always does.  God chose them, and they will feel the curse of persecution forever in His name.

Leaving, kneeling on cold marble before a candle burning in the ashes of concentration camps, I wondered why I had seen no one else forced to their knees by the sheer weight of that place.  There was so much I had to walk away from.  I felt bile rising in my throat and my knees growing weaker with each step.  I slid into a corner to whisper the Lord's Prayer and rock myself like a baby (understanding why Jews rock when they pray). But no one near me fainted or vomited or even cried out in anguish.  

Like I said, I see how it can happen.  I will never believe I am immune, or that America is safe from such madness.  Lucifer walked in the shoes of Hitler, and he can just as easily walk again.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Felicities - 5/20/11

Friday Felicities

Silver toe ring
Shatter polish by OPI
Pie in the face on David's birthday
Rollerskating for 2 hours this week
David jumping up and down when he saw his guitar
Letter from David's teacher that had me sobbing
The Bible-in-a-Year group
Texts from Beth Stauffer
Pink cake pops
Packing complete
Free audio books for the car ride
Knowing a quiet day by the river awaits us, tomorrow

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011: Peace Update

I know; that title sounds like I am on the front lines in a peace treaty negotiation, and I need to report back on the proceedings.  

I am.

I spend a large chunk of my days refereeing little-boy-fights and counting 1, 2, 3.  I have an egg-timer so I can send them to time-out and there is no begging to leave their rooms.  They know they can come out when they hear the ding.  I pray over them in the car and play music or audio books in an effort to distract them from annoying one another ("I'm not touching you..." to the nth degree).  

However, my update is not so much about the daily ins and outs of parenting.  Rather, if you remember, 2011 was declared my Year of Peace. And, as always, God has His own definition of peace that He is working with, and then I have my definition, and I am looking for that one. The peace I hoped for when I heard Him whisper that word in my heart was the peace I pray for in our situation with Savannah.  I want there to be peace in the hearts of Corey and Savannah and Savannah's mom.  It's only May; that could still happen.  But, I am seeing other things in a new light.

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. 

The strength, in this verse, precedes the peace. Completing our first full homeschool semester, I am finding a peace with my own decisions.  I am feeling a passionate, excited, peace about the people I am meeting and the new directions God is leading me in.  But, in order to get to this point, it took a lot of strength. I didn't realize I had this strength inside me.  Probably because... I don't.  It is a gift.  God is giving me strength and then blessing me with peace.  

I read this verse out of the boys' morning devotion book.  It was perfect two-fold.  For starters, today is David's 7th birthday.  The gift God offered him is peace.  With my 2011 theme being peace, the verse just jumped off of the page and demanded my attention.

Thank you, Jesus.  I love you too.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 5/16/11


  • $1 Tank top
  • Competency tests for free
  • Julian and Jan complimented my book
  • Sharing "Sin" poem at Book Club
  • David's "Perry the Platypus" shirt
  • Mother's Day cards to mail
  • Funny cards for Savannah
  • Sending shoes to school for David
  • Having journals to donate
  • Haydn cheering over Eragon on our list
  • Encyclopedia Brown
  • Haydn seeing a friend @ the library
  • Finding the baseball book I needed
  • Haydn holding doors for people
  • My "hermitage" at church
  • Kristen looked so pretty tonight
  • Our little chapel at church
  • Hearing good things about Reverend Jim
  • Texting with Lei
  • I am past 1000
  • Finished Judges today
  • Have The Gospel of Ruth to read with Ruth
  • Cards stamped and addressed
  • David proud of blowing bubbles
  • 10 scrapbook pages completed
  • Being able to play Pandora downstairs
  • Having a craft room
  • Stickers
  • Kitty meowing to be let in
  • Singing and dancing all alone
  • Plans with friends tomorrow
  • Lauren Randall graduated
  • My painted-shoe-plant for Mother's Day
  • Owls on my return address labels
  • Gumtree Weekend
  • Benjamin bathed
  • Time to relax
  • Sound of the new washer & dryer working
  • Clean lint trap
  • Bleached whites
  • Homebirth conversations
  • Pictures from when Hocus & Pocus were tiny
  • New vinyl wall clings in the dining room
  • One dollar deals
  • Bright blue tee shirt
  • Black toe ring
  • Plans for the afternoon
  • Painted vase & flower from Haydn
  • Handmade card from David
  • Haydn made a paper "angry bird"
  • Haydn's tiny paper crane
  • Catching up on my favorite TV series
  • Catching up on my 2nd favorite TV series
  • Mother's Day text from Lynn
  • My kitchen smells like chocolate chip cookies
  • A new Jodi Picoult novel to read
  • Peanut butter bunnies
  • Finishing 2 books before bed
  • My sweet Ashley Q
  • David's countdown to Savannah's birthday
  • Haydn's report on his Daddy
  • Teaching moments
  • Origami tote bag
  • Haydn's origami excitement
  • A good start to the day with Haydn
  • Raising the flag on the mailbox
  • Dreaming of white dresses
  • Recovering
  • Encouraging Twitter conversations
  • Cheryl Flaim
  • Purple tote origami
  • Prom pages in Leila's album
  • Convo with librarian
  • Haydn signing card for librarians and volunteers
  • Haydn picking audio books
  • Postal worker complimented my wrapping job
  • Adding to the box of Bibles and Journals
  • Picking baseball vocabulary
  • Reading in bed in the middle of the day
  • Unexpected check in the mail
  • Errands complete for today
  • Checking out DC books for the boys
  • David requesting jelly
  • The poem David wrote for me
  • UK sign at house on Englewood
  • "Good morning" from teacher at Thomas Street
  • Watching "Dr. Who" with Haydn
  • British humor
  • Adding quotes on Good Reads
  • Writing Savannah letters on my blog
  • Walking the mall alone
  • The lighting in bookstores
  • Land's End bathing suit bottom
  • 2 new skirts
  • A morning at City Thrift
  • Hair compliments
  • Suzannah Campbell's beautiful smile
  • Entering to win a bike
  • Corey entering as well


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Savannah Carlyle!

I wish I could call you to wish you a happy birthday, but you do not like to talk on the phone.  Instead, David and I prayed for you on the way to school.  Well, we always pray for you, but this morning we prayed a little longer.  Things we pray for you...

  • That you will seek God with your whole heart
  • That God will bless you and surround you with love
  • That you will be able to feel how much we love you and miss you
  • That you will see blessings in the simplest of things
  • That you will feel motivated and prepared for schoolwork
  • That your weekends will be filled with pleasure
  • That you will enjoy having a baby sister

David has been counting down the days until your birthday.  When I woke him up for school, this morning, the first thing he said (after I took his blanket away and tickled him until he was forced to get up) was, "Today is Savannah's birthday!"

I sent Haydn the story from your Computer Club website.  Though, I am slightly concerned by your knowledge of Lady Gaga, the story was creative and fun.  Haydn loved getting it in his email and rushed into the kitchen to tell me how funny it was. You have a lot of talent, girl.

I hope you read and love the Anne of Green Gables books we sent.  Somehow, I missed reading them as a kid.  I recently have been devouring them, however, and they are wonderful!  Your imagination reminds me of Anne's.  I hope you will love her as much as I do.

I am thinking maybe I can write you a story for your birthday.  I can post it here, in sections.  When it is all finished, I can have a copy bound just for you.  A story with an 11-year-old blonde girl for the heroine.  What do you think? Maybe, if I start very soon, I can send you a finished copy for your twelfth birthday.  In that case, should I make the main girl 12 instead of 11?

I wish we could have this conversation in person. I wish there was some way to heal all of the broken pieces that keep our family from working as a whole - a unit... In the meantime, we will continue to pray for you to grow with wisdom and discernment and for your life to blossom as God intends.

We love you so much.


I am as Pretty as a Curtain

David wrote me a poem.  I will preserve it here, spelling just as it is in the card.

Mom can do many
things! She is best at
cleaning the house.

My moms name is
Heather Truett.

My mom is smart! She
even knows 30 x 30.

I like it when my
mom is happy.

Mom has a pretty
smile. I like to
make her smile by
the house.

She is special
because she is butiful.

My mom is special!

My mom is as pretty 
as a curten.

David Truett
1st Grade

I just want you all to know, there are no curtains in our house.  Just mini-blinds.  So, I will have to ask which curtain I am as pretty as.  ;)


Monday, May 9, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 5/9/11

1000 Gifts (951-1000)

  • "That was a good practice."
  • 2 hours reading in the bleachers
  • Seeing friends at the park
  • Haydn reminding me Lent is over
  • Prayer on drive
  • Neatly printed information
  • Teaching multiplication via coin groups
  • Putting cards in the mailbox
  • A friend's testimony giving hope
  • Sandy Westerman
  • Mac-n-cheese for lunch
  • Peanut butter toast
  • Haydn in uniform
  • Haydn's team won
  • Corey running scoreboard
  • Baby bumps
  • Gorgeous Great Dane @ park
  • Walking out of park with Jimmy and Debbie
  • Daytime calls from hubby
  • Haydn learning research
  • The air after a storm
  • Watching rain out a window
  • Entering giveaways
  • Texts from Daddy, asking about the boys' games
  • Sex God by Rob Bell
  • Fluff fiction as "sorbet"
  • "Carolina Girl" shirt
  • Researching cruises online
  • Laughing with Rosemary @ Confirmation practice
  • Half circle of confirmands
  • Feel of small wooden crosses
  • Trail of wax tears on faded red carpet
  • Landon's kissable cheeks
  • Clean house, thanks to Corey
  • Enjoying simple novels & stories
  • Brook M's owl charm
  • Serving communion to confirmands
  • Hubby preaching
  • Chocolate chip cookies in the oven
  • Jack Reed Sr. complimenting Corey's sermon
  • Riding to Houston with Shannon & Brigid
  • Good conversation with new friends
  • Peace with the future
  • Compliment from a student
  • Carrie sending me a happy
  • Being able to help someone, somehow
  • Purple on my toenails to remind me of Nattie-Pie
  • Hasma-hand on Mallie's necklace
  • Laughing with 7th grade girls
  • Blue fondant dot on Anne McKenzie's face


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Poem: Mother's Day

Cathedral building
takes time, I know.
And, in the end,
no one can even tell you
who laid the bricks
and cut the stones.

Cathedral building.
Character building.
Step by step,
day after day,
to-do lists that include
vocabulary tests and
reading chapters aloud
and timing how he reads
on his own.

No one

I slap together
and roll out dough
for birthday treats.
I explain subtraction
and use one hundred pennies
to multiply
I count to three
and give time-outs
and reexplain
the rules.

No one

Brick upon brick,
I try to build up his heart
and cut stones
that will help him stand
against the world.
I carve
the words of God
into his days,
and I repeat the steps
again tomorrow.

No one

Alone, at night,
sun-eyes closed and moon
I gaze at a cathedral
of sky and stars,
careful constructed
by hands
that no one


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leaps and Bounds

In my life this week... I have felt really good, even with some rough homeschool days.  Well, I shouldn't say days.  Haydn bounces back quickly enough that problems in the morning do not have to ruin our whole day.  Corey got me a Droid for Mother's Day, and I ordered a cute cover for it.  I spent the week learning the new system. 

In our homeschool this week... Haydn completed a project on George Washington.  It was an event that involved screaming and tears (all from him, thank goodness), but he was so proud of himself when he held the printed report in his hands and combined it with all of the other pieces he completed over the last few weeks. We wrapped up math for this school year and I gave Haydn the placement tests so I can order Math-U-See curriculum for next school year.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We had our second-to-last CoOp meeting. Haydn, this semester, took Poetry, Famous Americans, and PE.  He especially loved PE and getting out to play.  Thursday morning, we took a photography field trip downtown.  We just wandered around taking pictures.  Haydn loves playing with a camera. He and I also went birthday shopping for his brother, while David and Corey were at a baseball game.

My favorite thing this week was... Probably today.  I slept till almost 8 AM.  I read some in The Gospel of Ruth and my Bible.  I have completed 10 scrapbook pages for Leila's album and 2 pages in my art journal. I also made a photo/scripture piece with Adobe.  All of this has been done in my craft room with upbeat music blasting from Pandora.

What's working for us... Handwriting for a Reason is awesome.  Haydn copies scripture for practice and his writing is improving by leaps and bounds. Switching to cursive was just what we needed.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... I think I have selected our curriculum for Math, Social Studies, History, and English.  I still have to pick a spelling program.  And science.  Also, this summer, I want us to plant a small flower garden.  I have never done anything like that before.  Tips?

A photo to share...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Currently: May Flowers

Current Books: I am about halfway through the last House of Hope novel by Neta Jackson. I am reading Ruth in The Message and The Gospel of Ruth by an author I love, as well. By my bed is The Anti-Romantic Child, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Haydn and I are reading The Titan's Curse, and I am about to download the newest Jodi Picoult novel.

Current Playlist: I can now play Pandora on my phone, so that is nice.  I fell in love with "10,000 Stones" by Adrienne this week.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: My new cell phone.  I got the Samsung Fascinate for Mother's Day.  Only an extra $10 a month in our bill, but I do look at it and think of the people who just lost everything in Smithville and other cities.  Then I feel guilty.

Current Colors: I am loving white.  I want a white linen dress.

Current Fetish: The book of Ruth.

Current Food: I had the best salsa, last night, at the staff cookout.

Current Drink: I am back on Diet Coke and Diet Mountain Dew. 

Current Favorite Favorite: The co-op moms on Thursday afternoons.  Grown-up conversation can be such a blessing.

Current Wishlist: Summer dresses.  Long flowy ones, preferably.

Current Needs: Nada.

Current Triumph: Feeling better.  Not that I did anything to earn that, but I am so glad the tired-icky slump I had gotten into is lifting.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Haydn's tantrums.  They had improved so much over the last few months that their sudden return has taken me off guard. I think it is end-of-the-school-year-itis. I have shoved all I can into his head and nothing else will fit.

Current Celebrity Crush: Steven Tyler just released a book.  YAY!

Current Indulgence: Planning our family vacation has been so much fun! Usually, planning stresses me out, but I am actually looking forward to this.

Current Mood:  Happy.  Content.  Ready.  Ready for what, I am not sure, but I feel ready.

Current #1 Blessing: My life.  A wonderful husband who loves me as Christ loved the church. A son enjoying baseball and learning. A son who is full of energy and can read almost as well as any adult. A beautiful stepdaughter with a laugh like the sunshine. A dog and two cats who follow me down the stairs each morning as though I hung the moon. A stable home with plenty of space and a big yard.  I am, right now, marking this moment in time.  Even with the struggles, it is good.

Current Slang or Saying: Almost summer. I chant this to myself and repeat it to the boys, trying to motivate us through these last two weeks of school.

Current Outfit: Thrifted Tommy jeans, light pink blouse, gray Gap hoodie, painted TOMs

Friday Felicities - 5/6/11

Friday Felicities

Staff cookout
Pinata exciting my boys
Taking pictures with Haydn
Shannon will feed my animals
New vinyl wall graphics
Watching the boys play ball
The perfect mother's day cards
Watching Amena Brown at Co-Op
Cuddling TWO babies yesterday
The beautiful Katherine Ray and her peaceful home


Monday, May 2, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 5/2/11

1000 Gifts (901-950)

  • Lending a book via Kindle
  • BCBG dress
  • Dishes washed and put away
  • Clean toilet downstairs
  • Corey making connections
  • Seven jeans with black boots
  • Reading to both boys today
  • Texting scripture
  • Haydn in pink-striped polo
  • Hocus hopping up beside me on the bed
  • Owl pendant Carrie helped me find
  • Youth washing Corey's feet
  • Katherine Ray reading a book I suggested
  • Hugging Raigan
  • Haydn eating roast chicken legs
  • Recognizing elements of the seder
  • Boys cleaning on their own
  • Stretchy purple tee
  • Black candles slowly burning
  • David's letter about cat food
  • Photo luggage tags
  • Watching Amelia with the family
  • David completing make-up work
  • Boston Cream Pie
  • Corey's additions to this list (he scribbled "Your face" as #924.5)
  • Ladybug cleaning herself
  • Propped up by pillows
  • Doctor I trust
  • Google
  • Hug from Corey Easter morning
  • Andy's sermon on "seeing Easter"
  • Andi standing to sing
  • Andi speaking @ the Invitation
  • Redeemed by Christ dancers
  • The Inspiration
  • Gold sandals not hurting my feet
  • Ann Taylor Easter dress from thrift store
  • Always ending up sitting near Camille & Crofton
  • Funny texting
  • Bloodwork w/o sickness
  • Sample meds
  • Sweet elderly man offered his seat
  • Haydn in helmet
  • Bread & butter
  • Finishing Brisingr
  • Listening to author interview on disc
  • Sweet neighbor cat meowing
  • Haydn's hits at practice
  • Seeing him get back up
  • Haydn not breaking down over coach-correction


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