Thursday, April 14, 2011

They Are There

After informing Haydn that, yes, he does have to answer the questions in his grammar workbook, I was treated to high-pitched screams that would make someone think I was physically hurting him.  Rest assured, I have not laid a hand on the child.  I sent him to finish his Grammar work in his bedroom.  He stomped up the stairs, where he started shouting that no one cares about him and he hates homeschool now and none of this matters anyway. I did not yell back.  I did not cry.  I did not make a smart remark.  I did not attempt to reason with my tantrum-thrower.  I simply continued what I was doing.  Now, he is quiet and working.

Days like today are hard.  On these days, it is best I remind myself of the good days and the good moments.  So, without further ado, some of the good things that have occurred since we began homeschooling:

  • Today, Haydn decided to read Eragon.
  • He devours the Warrior Manga books like they are candy.
  • He types lists in his journal, each morning, without complaint.
  • His cursive is looking beautiful.
  • He loves to paint.
  • He asks to read the Bible.
  • He remembers bits of Greek Mythology.
  • He points out Shakespeare all over the place.
  • He has written a poem or two, unbidden.
  • He has quit teasing his brother about not being homeschooled.
  • He gets along better in social situations.
  • He has not lost his glasses.
  • He cheers when we go to the library or bookstore.
  • He scores 100 on almost every vocabulary test.
  • He asks to watch Beakman's World.
  • He takes less breaks during the day than when we started.
  • He enjoys audio books in the car.
  • He visits the dentist without fear.
  • He does not throw things or punch the walls.
  • He's had only 1 complete and total meltdown in the last 2 months.
  • He listens to music.
  • He goes to bed without a fight.
  • He showers with little-to-no whining.
  • When I remind him to do something, he is less likely to get angry.
  • He apologizes for forgetting things.
  • I can run errands with him without worrying too much about his behavior in public.

So, all in all, even on a day where he is angry about having to write sentences, he is a very different boy than he was last year.  God is working many changes in our lives.  Sometimes, I just have to step back and look for them.  They are there; they simply get clouded in the day-to-day muck of making the changes happen.

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