Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Multitudes on Monday (On Tuesday)

1000 Gifts (801-850)

  • David as a guard in choir performance
  • Comforting Hocus
  • Animals wandering free
  • African Gray Parrot at vet's office
  • Hippocampi
  • Haydn pointing out vocabulary words
  • Hammering in a nail
  • Funny Easter cards from Grams & Pawpaw
  • Planning fun poetry lessons
  • Corey's warm hugs
  • Cat's have warmer body temps
  • Playing games with Corey
  • Boys awake so I don't have to wake them
  • Dolphin movie
  • Not giving in
  • Corey's surprises
  • Feeling accomplished today
  • Smell of hot buttered popcorn
  • Exploring vacation-destination online
  • Haydn relating to the story of Hephaestus
  • Box full of paper cranes
  • Winning a contest online
  • Haydn with bow & arrow
  • David excited about Challenge
  • New friends in Tupelo
  • Haydn talking about Origami
  • Facebook message from Martha Stephens
  • Haydn's comfort level at Pathways
  • The word "mage"
  • Sharing book-love with my Daddy
  • Deep thoughts
  • New washer
  • New dryer
  • Haydn speaking for the cats
  • Nice delivery man
  • Laughing at cell phone activated washers
  • Haydn reading at breakfast
  • Haydn saying, "Mom, I love reading this book."
  • Tangled from RedBox
  • Not giving in today
  • Homeschool mom conversations
  • Being called "well-read"
  • Shipping 50 paper cranes
  • Melissa Smith's park pictures
  • Christa McGrew's adorable baby boy at Co-Op
  • Making a free photo book
  • Good coupons
  • Haydn reading Eragon on his own
  • Clothes dry in one cycle
  • Kitty jumps high


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