Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 4/25/11

1000 Gifts (851-900)

  • Homeschool Mother's Journal
  • Contemplating Spelling curriculum
  • A new way to look at it
  • Finding a good resource for Corey
  • Dumping vacuum canister
  • Rainy day reading
  • No need to go out anywhere
  • Dog barking when I vacuum reminds me of Leila & Cat
  • Glee marathon
  • Lazy day in my PJs
  • Boys to birthday party
  • Sleeping past 8AM
  • Boys having playroom clean when I got up
  • Curriculum catalog in the mail
  • Feeling thin
  • Smooth pick-up
  • Smooth drop-off
  • Savannah's braided pigtails
  • Savannah & I trading bowling styles
  • Watching Haydn bowl
  • David's head in my lap
  • Fixing the iPod for Haydn
  • Savannah picking movie seats
  • Haydn & Savannah sharing picky-eater tales
  • Making Savannah laugh
  • All THREE kids crawling Corey like a jungle gym
  • Haydn following his to-do list
  • Key fob in the mail
  • Surprise earrings
  • Kitty curling up next to me on the floor
  • Posting Instagram pictures
  • Plotting Lei's bday
  • Just knowing
  • Hubby @ ATL bread
  • David's teacher cares about him
  • Proud of Haydn's cursive writing
  • Tourism info in the mail
  • Ice water on a hot day
  • Being silly with David
  • Soft material of shirt
  • Excuse to wear cute rainboots
  • Ga-Ga episode of Glee
  • Kitty taking his medicine
  • David not feeling sick
  • Cat outside of bathroom door
  • New key fob
  • Carrying my Kavu rope bag
  • David doing school at home today
  • Starting The Titan's Curse


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