Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Felicities - 4/29/11

Friday Felicities

Truck ride with Shannon
Corey hug first thing this morning
My house smells like candles and clean
Hubby folding laundry
Not feeling tired, 2 days in a row


Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 4/25/11

1000 Gifts (851-900)

  • Homeschool Mother's Journal
  • Contemplating Spelling curriculum
  • A new way to look at it
  • Finding a good resource for Corey
  • Dumping vacuum canister
  • Rainy day reading
  • No need to go out anywhere
  • Dog barking when I vacuum reminds me of Leila & Cat
  • Glee marathon
  • Lazy day in my PJs
  • Boys to birthday party
  • Sleeping past 8AM
  • Boys having playroom clean when I got up
  • Curriculum catalog in the mail
  • Feeling thin
  • Smooth pick-up
  • Smooth drop-off
  • Savannah's braided pigtails
  • Savannah & I trading bowling styles
  • Watching Haydn bowl
  • David's head in my lap
  • Fixing the iPod for Haydn
  • Savannah picking movie seats
  • Haydn & Savannah sharing picky-eater tales
  • Making Savannah laugh
  • All THREE kids crawling Corey like a jungle gym
  • Haydn following his to-do list
  • Key fob in the mail
  • Surprise earrings
  • Kitty curling up next to me on the floor
  • Posting Instagram pictures
  • Plotting Lei's bday
  • Just knowing
  • Hubby @ ATL bread
  • David's teacher cares about him
  • Proud of Haydn's cursive writing
  • Tourism info in the mail
  • Ice water on a hot day
  • Being silly with David
  • Soft material of shirt
  • Excuse to wear cute rainboots
  • Ga-Ga episode of Glee
  • Kitty taking his medicine
  • David not feeling sick
  • Cat outside of bathroom door
  • New key fob
  • Carrying my Kavu rope bag
  • David doing school at home today
  • Starting The Titan's Curse


Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Felicities - 4/22/11

Friday Felicities

SK washing Corey's feet
David wanting Corey to wash his feet
Haydn lighting candles for prayer
Hug from Raigan
Hug from Andy
Hugging Katherine
Semi-Seder meal at church
Morning cuddles with my hubby
Sleeping hard


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Early Bedtimes

Rainy day naps
And lightening strikes
Seldom come to the same place
So I am awake in the late afternoon,
Referreeing boy-fights,
Catching flying cars,
And thinking about early

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Multitudes on Monday (On Tuesday)

1000 Gifts (801-850)

  • David as a guard in choir performance
  • Comforting Hocus
  • Animals wandering free
  • African Gray Parrot at vet's office
  • Hippocampi
  • Haydn pointing out vocabulary words
  • Hammering in a nail
  • Funny Easter cards from Grams & Pawpaw
  • Planning fun poetry lessons
  • Corey's warm hugs
  • Cat's have warmer body temps
  • Playing games with Corey
  • Boys awake so I don't have to wake them
  • Dolphin movie
  • Not giving in
  • Corey's surprises
  • Feeling accomplished today
  • Smell of hot buttered popcorn
  • Exploring vacation-destination online
  • Haydn relating to the story of Hephaestus
  • Box full of paper cranes
  • Winning a contest online
  • Haydn with bow & arrow
  • David excited about Challenge
  • New friends in Tupelo
  • Haydn talking about Origami
  • Facebook message from Martha Stephens
  • Haydn's comfort level at Pathways
  • The word "mage"
  • Sharing book-love with my Daddy
  • Deep thoughts
  • New washer
  • New dryer
  • Haydn speaking for the cats
  • Nice delivery man
  • Laughing at cell phone activated washers
  • Haydn reading at breakfast
  • Haydn saying, "Mom, I love reading this book."
  • Tangled from RedBox
  • Not giving in today
  • Homeschool mom conversations
  • Being called "well-read"
  • Shipping 50 paper cranes
  • Melissa Smith's park pictures
  • Christa McGrew's adorable baby boy at Co-Op
  • Making a free photo book
  • Good coupons
  • Haydn reading Eragon on his own
  • Clothes dry in one cycle
  • Kitty jumps high


Monday, April 18, 2011

Show Up

God who covered Egypt in
a darkness they could feel,
where are You now?
Where are you,
right now?
I am asking,
imploring from the cliche' bottom
of my heart...

Show up.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Relating to Hephaestus

In my life this week... I switched a med, and I have been adjusting to that.  Have to take it in the morning, because taking it at night makes it hard for me to sleep.  Or rather, I don't sleep well.  One of our cats, Hocus, has an infected bit on his belly, so there was a vet trip and I have been giving him antibiotics and pain meds daily.  Also, Corey surprised me with a new washer and dryer.  They are lovely, and now I can dry a load in one cycle.  AMAZING!

In our homeschool this week... I have pushed Haydn to write more sentences and start forming paragraphs.  This resulted in screaming fits, but we survived.  We have one chapter left in the second Percy Jackson novel, Sea of Monsters.  It was good.  Maybe even better than the first. Haydn picked up Eragon to read for Independent Reading.  This shocked me.  We have listened to the audio, but he wants to read the book. Normally, a book that size would intimidate him.  I am thrilled he is trying it. We are reading Greek myths.  It broke my heart when Haydn said he could relate to Hephaestus.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... Another great week at CoOp.  I am always blessed by the other moms and my sweet student, Hannah.  We made a trip to the vet, as I mentioned before.  Haydn enjoyed seeing the African Grey Parrot in the waiting room.  Haydn taught his therapist about origami cranes.

My favorite thing this week was... watching Tangled with both boys.  It was a funny movie.

What's working for us... When Haydn doesn't want to do something, he will try to guilt me with tears or throw a screaming tantrum.  I have started sending him to his room, with his work, when this happens.  He can come down when he finishes.  Amazingly, without an audience for his performance, he does the work and comes back downstairs.

What's not working for us... We were reading Shakespeare's Secret.  The beginning did have some parts that taught us things, but it was getting boring and seemed more about Hero and a cute boy than Shakespeare.  I nixed our reading and moved onto a new biography.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... Should I add spelling words to our weekly work?  We do vocabulary words and tests.  It just seems to me that the more he writes and reads, the better he will spell.  Do I need to do a specific spelling lesson?

A photo, video, link, or quote to share... Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education.  Probably, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization.  We must make our choice; we cannot have both.  ~Abraham Flexner

Thursday, April 14, 2011

They Are There

After informing Haydn that, yes, he does have to answer the questions in his grammar workbook, I was treated to high-pitched screams that would make someone think I was physically hurting him.  Rest assured, I have not laid a hand on the child.  I sent him to finish his Grammar work in his bedroom.  He stomped up the stairs, where he started shouting that no one cares about him and he hates homeschool now and none of this matters anyway. I did not yell back.  I did not cry.  I did not make a smart remark.  I did not attempt to reason with my tantrum-thrower.  I simply continued what I was doing.  Now, he is quiet and working.

Days like today are hard.  On these days, it is best I remind myself of the good days and the good moments.  So, without further ado, some of the good things that have occurred since we began homeschooling:

  • Today, Haydn decided to read Eragon.
  • He devours the Warrior Manga books like they are candy.
  • He types lists in his journal, each morning, without complaint.
  • His cursive is looking beautiful.
  • He loves to paint.
  • He asks to read the Bible.
  • He remembers bits of Greek Mythology.
  • He points out Shakespeare all over the place.
  • He has written a poem or two, unbidden.
  • He has quit teasing his brother about not being homeschooled.
  • He gets along better in social situations.
  • He has not lost his glasses.
  • He cheers when we go to the library or bookstore.
  • He scores 100 on almost every vocabulary test.
  • He asks to watch Beakman's World.
  • He takes less breaks during the day than when we started.
  • He enjoys audio books in the car.
  • He visits the dentist without fear.
  • He does not throw things or punch the walls.
  • He's had only 1 complete and total meltdown in the last 2 months.
  • He listens to music.
  • He goes to bed without a fight.
  • He showers with little-to-no whining.
  • When I remind him to do something, he is less likely to get angry.
  • He apologizes for forgetting things.
  • I can run errands with him without worrying too much about his behavior in public.

So, all in all, even on a day where he is angry about having to write sentences, he is a very different boy than he was last year.  God is working many changes in our lives.  Sometimes, I just have to step back and look for them.  They are there; they simply get clouded in the day-to-day muck of making the changes happen.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 4/11/11

1000 Gifts (701-800)

  • Turtle cookies
  • When they know my name
  • Brand new blog
  • Book pictures
  • "V" with Corey
  • "Anna's" pretty dress
  • Blow-dried hair
  • Blue-checked Dorothy shirt
  • Ruby slippers in my closet
  • High-heel print paper crane
  • Reassurance
  • Nancy Collins
  • Talking with Karen Geddie
  • Hubby giddy for baseball season
  • Red sweater
  • "Before He Cheats" at church
  • The feeling when I walk into church on Sunday
  • Camille's altars
  • Red shoes
  • Red toenails
  • Seeing Shannon on Sundays
  • Laughing with Chuck at the sound board
  • Nancy sending my poem to her friends
  • Haydn making a joke
  • Haydn reminding me about practice
  • David asking to eat with us
  • Oz shirt
  • Boys putting me on their grateful list
  • Haydn doing grammar without crying
  • Summer weather
  • Owl earrings from Susan
  • Corey as "Strong-Man"
  • Wearing rain boots from Carrie
  • Answer to prayer
  • Camille
  • Children's dictionary
  • Origami Yoda book
  • Olivia's invitation
  • Morning bookstore visit
  • Errands with Haydn without behavior issues
  • Remembering the batteries
  • Free food in the fridge
  • Helen Keller biography
  • Butter Pecan cake mix
  • Cake decorating aisle at Hobby Lobby
  • Old movie again
  • Corey throwing with Haydn
  • Photo of Savannah from art show
  • Homeschool mom at Doctor's office
  • Woman at the Well poem
  • Illustrations in dictionary
  • Haydn using tools
  • Catherine Wells
  • Kitchen timer
  • Bright blue scissors
  • Orange paper
  • Just words
  • Idea for poem activity
  • "Pitter-Patter"
  • Liking to wrap
  • Creativity books
  • Rollerskates on my t-shirt
  • Birds singing like a Disney movie
  • Haydn lighting a candle
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • Thank you card to Corey from David's class
  • Fresh new calendar page
  • Waking up with an idea
  • Starting Helen Keller biography with Haydn
  • Hubby bringing me blueberry donuts
  • David's first Moleskin
  • Haydn pointing out Mustangs
  • Compliment from Mama
  • Boys' amazement over cake pops
  • Haydn cheering me on
  • Wearing my toe ring
  • Red toenail polish
  • Leftovers
  • Holding Haydn
  • Sharing an old favorite with my sons
  • All packed to leave
  • Skinny jeans
  • Random "You look pretty" from haydn
  • Gold sandals
  • $3 flats from Target
  • Target trip with Cat
  • Dancing with Megan during worship
  • Haydn playing with Olivia
  • Meg's purple flower bedspread
  • Bright green walls
  • Kiss from Leila's mom
  • Holding Olivia on her birthday
  • Strawberry-cake-grins
  • Picture memories
  • Hands raised in worship
  • Talking with David about humility
  • David's Challenge letter in the mail
  • Pink Savannah-Pony
  • Sinking into friends' couches
  • Quiet kids on the drive home


Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Felicities - 4/8/11

Friday Felicities

Compliment from my mother
Holding Haydn
Wonderful conference with David's teacher
Cake pops in the fridge
Pretty wrapping on Olivia's gift
Wearing a toe ring
Kitties napping in my lap while I read
James Durbin singing "My Guitar Gently Weeps"


It Is Good

New music playing
on the radio,
and my son is complaining
about writing in cursive.
He complains about print,
as well,
so this is nothing
A car ride stretches
before us in the day,
and good friends wait at the end
of it.
I am happy.
This morning, it
is good.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Currently: April Showers

Current Books: Haydn and I are reading Sea of Monsters, the 2nd Percy Jackson book. Also, we just started a biography of Helen Keller. For my own fiction read, I am enjoying Magic's Promise, the second in a trilogy my Dad suggested. On the non-fiction side, I am still reading 123 Magic for Christian Parents, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, and The Message. I also have a few devotionals I pull from. I started Unconditional and really like it. I read the first of the Egypt series Rick Riordan has started.  It was good, but not as funny as Percy Jackson.  Egyptian gods are more complicated, in my opinion. I did love the mention of Moses besting the Egyptian magicians.  That made me giggle.  But, overall, I don't have a desire to read the next book.

Current Playlist:  In the car, the boys and I are listening to Brisngr. Haydn and I have listened to a lot of MoTown, lately, on Pandora.  I have been doing a 30 Day Song challenge on Facebook.  That has taken me back to some old songs.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I have tried something like five new ice cream flavors in the last couple of weeks.  My favorite was Red Velvet Cake by Ben & Jerry's.

Current Colors:  It is spring. I like brights. I am noticing orange a lot, thanks to my sister.

Current Fetish: Did I mention the ice cream thing?

Current Food: I am working on a batch of cake pops for Olivia's first birthday.

Current Drink: Water, and only water.

Current Favorite Favorite: My Kindle. 

Current Wishlist: A Droid phone. Can you believe it?  Now that Verizon HAS the iPhone, I'd rather have a Droid. 

Current Needs: To make a decision already about curriculum for next semester so I can start ordering it in pieces.  It will be expensive to do all at one time.

Current Triumph: Learning not to give into Haydn's tears when we do school.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Daily headaches for over a month now. Not migraines or anything.  Just enough to be annoying.

Current Celebrity Crush: nada

Current Indulgence: Going to Brandon for Olivia's birthday party.

Current Mood: Happy.  Good.  YAY!

Current #1 Blessing: My husband.  He is so stressed and worn out this semester, but he still manages to help me with laundry and the boys.  Love that man!

Current Slang or Saying: "That's One!"

Current Outfit: Thrifted Tommy jeans, purple tee, green cardigan, New Balance shoes.

Current Link: A friend passed on this blog, and it is really helpful.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Subject and Predicate to Your Thoughts

Oh, son, crying over sentences,
unable to put both
a subject and a predicate
to your thoughts,
unable to even come up with the thoughts
needed to make the words
on the page.
I know you are in there, somewhere,
the smart boy who can do so much
with his hands.
You are trying to hide from me
behind all of these tears
and screams
and the constant insistence
that you 
Just. Can't. Do. This.
But I know you can.
I know you can write down words on paper
to communicate
something, anything, that is inside you,
and I will not give up on you.
I love you,
and I will not ever
give up.

Multitudes on Monday - 4/5/11

1000 Gifts (601-700)

  • Summer scented candles
  • Tiny flames dancing
  • Second chances
  • Networked blogs
  • Blog readers
  • Calling Haydn's bluff and being correct
  • Cute pictures of Eliza Jane
  • Funny banter with my parents
  • Anne Shirley
  • People who told me I look like Cleopatra
  • A final Dx
  • Haydn's high IQ
  • Houdini's 137th Birthday
  • Kitty hopping onto my back
  • James Durbin dancing
  • Dancing in the living room
  • Both kitties asleep in my lap
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Clusterfluff ice cream
  • David cleaning his dishes
  • "Bless you"
  • Perfect morning devotion
  • Time to read at the start of my day
  • Red Velvet Cake ice cream
  • Day to do nothing
  • Expecting Corey home soon
  • Warm skin
  • Reading Anne all day
  • Movie with family
  • Seeing Mallie & Rachel at movies
  • Board games
  • Eating cheesecake
  • Haydn's giggle
  • Brisingr exciting Haydn
  • David ready for school on-time
  • Neighbors like our cats
  • New blog friends
  • Offers
  • Tornado tube happiness
  • Cleaned-out purse
  • Early morning accomplishments
  • Bright metallic colors
  • Family-made advent candle-holder
  • Past 500 on this list
  • Sinking into Daddy's couch
  • Being able to laugh at myself
  • Cashed checks
  • Origami
  • Haydn learning
  • Paper cranes
  • Light in his eyes
  • Boys eager to be outside
  • Clothes sorted for summer
  • Haydn not crying
  • Sweet text from Cheri
  • Leila on the phone
  • Olivia learning to walk
  • Eliza watching basketball
  • Kentucky t-shirt
  • Boys inviting friends to church
  • Sweet little girls
  • Pink coat
  • Room full of happy kids
  • Boys showering without complaint
  • Sticker charts
  • Easy EKG
  • Open book on table
  • Kissing Haydn's head
  • Random "I love you" text from Corey
  • David choosing school
  • Invitation to the zoo
  • CoOp days
  • Book talk
  • Laughing with kids
  • Heart shape in my ice cream
  • Storyline in Memphis
  • Owl painting on guest room door
  • Owl painted on frying pan
  • Silver calendar
  • Cold water
  • New show making me laugh
  • Betty White
  • Crushed ice from my freezer
  • Making friends
  • Surprise candy bar
  • The red & blue sour gummy worms
  • Metallic pink
  • Metallic blue
  • Pink flowers on green background
  • Clean litter box
  • Soft skin
  • Body Dew
  • Haydn grinning for April Fool's Day
  • David shouting "Yeah"
  • Chocolate and peanutbutter
  • Quick outing with David
  • Looking forward to family night
  • Hubby visits at work
  • Reorganized shelves


Monday, April 4, 2011

May I Be She

I leave a trail of scattered men
and broken hearts,
mine and theirs and Yours
and mine again.
I leave them in the footprints at my feet
as I climb a hill to a well
and meet Jesus there.
There, where He says the words
that spear me,
says the words
that invoke right fear in me,
says the words
that make me crave
to drink His water
and change all days.
Oh, Father, send me running,
send me flying against the breeze,
to find the women who danced behind me,
the women who scowled and spit
and never deigned to find me.
Oh, Abba, God and Mother,
Sister, Lover, Brother,
may I be the next woman who kneels
to wash and kiss and cry
at Your feet.
May I be she
who worships and loves
much much much
because You have looked inside me
and known me,
You have poured this Living Water
so it drips now through my hair
and over every inch of skin,
curving over spine and soaking
into my heart, my lungs, my brain, my Spirit.
Sweet sweet Spirit,
rising up
to meet You.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Felicities - 4/1/11

Friday Felicities

Corey and Haydn visiting me at work
And bringing Reese's eggs
Dinner when I get home from work
Shelves looking good after I reorganize
Soft garnet shirt
Haydn hugs
David cuddles
Hot in Cleveland


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