Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Tries to Smother Me in my Sleep

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week... allergies have shown up full-force.  Itchy dry eyes, sneezing, tickles in my nose, headaches.  Why must my favorite season be so annoying to my body.  I woke up this morning with a stuffy head and told Corey, "Spring is trying to smother me in my sleep."  I was certain this was the first line of a poem, but I can think of nothing else to go with it.

In our homeschool this week... I finally visited the teacher store in town, and I love it.  I found a Parts of Speech board game that will hopefully help me teach this to Haydn without the frustration he has been experiencing.  We learned, from Beakman, that vacuums do not suck and if you take the great Wall of China apart and use the bricks to build a 30 foot high wall, that wall would stretch around the entire planet. We started Sea of Monsters, 2nd of the Percy Jackson books, and Haydn loves it.  Tyson the Cyclops is a neat addition.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... CoOp has been a wonderful thing for us.  This week, I had one girl in my poetry class, but that was perfect.  She and I sat outside for twenty minutes, writing Haiku and breathing in the fresh air.  Haydn also had his first baseball practice this week.  After years of being too full of anxiety to play on a team, my little slugger had a blast on the diamond.  I was worried he would be behind all of the other boys who have been playing on teams since they were four (tee ball).  Haydn, however, held his own.  He has quite an arm, and Corey has taught him well.

My favorite thing this week was... picking papers for my sister's wedding invitations.  She and I seldom have the same taste, so I was nervous, but she likes the papers I picked, and I cannot wait to work on the lettering.

What's working for us... The boys now get a sticker for each day they shower without complaint.  If they earn their stickers Sunday-Thursday, they get to stay up 30 minutes past bedtime on Friday.  It has been nice not to hear David's whining when I ask him to clean himself.  What is it kids hate so much about bathing?

What's not working for us... the free typing lessons I was using online.  Haydn just skips what he doesn't want to do.  I will probably buy a program soon.  If he can learn to type well, it will alleviate a lot of frustration from his daily lessons.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... Haydn's therapist thinks he will do best with a computer-based curriculum.  So I am looking them over.  I'd like to, perhaps, do a computer based curriculum for writing and science (supplementing with our home science kits).  I am thinking of trying Math U See for math.  I'd like to do a Charlotte Mason style history/social studies. And, of course, we will keep reading together and he will continue to read on his own each day.  I can handle art without a structured curriculum, and he plays baseball and rides his bike a lot for PE.  Currently, I select his vocabulary words from the book we are reading together.  That way, I am certain he will hear the words used.  Anyone have any experience with computer based curriculum, such as Switched on Schoolhouse? We have used Time4Learning and I will post more about that next week (stay tuned for a chance to get a free month of T4L).

A photo, video, link or quote to share..."The sky above was crystal clear and blue—a great inverted cup of blessing." From Anne of the Island.


  1. Hi -- we have a lot in common. We love our co-op, have a son who plays baseball, and are reading Percy Jackson! I'm new to your blog and I'm following you now!


  2. I love Mystery of History, have you ever tried it? We have used SOS. You can't sell it- we didn't like it, and I just recently mailed it to someone for free. BTW- I love the name of your mascot ;)

  3. We just started watching Beakmans world. The kids really enjoy him, Magic School Bus and Bill Nye. We haven't seen that episode yet.

    New follower from Homeschool Mother's Journal. Really enjoy your blog. If you get a chance, stop by our mayheim at

    Have a nice week


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