Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a Dream

I had a dream last night.  In this dream, Savannah had been spending some time with us, and she didn't want to go home yet.  Not because she was angry at her mom or hated living there, but she was enjoying her time at our house and simply wanted to stay a few extra days.  In this crazy dream world, her mom came to pick her up and Savannah explained that she wanted to stay a while longer.  So her mother stayed with us.  We ate dinner together, shopped, discussed parenting issues and other things. We took the kids out and watched them all enjoy one other. 

That was it.  Not my usual wild and crazy monkeys-peeing-on-me-out-of-trees dream.  Simple.  A dream where we all got along and life moved smoothly.

I wish it wasn't just a dream.

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