Thursday, March 31, 2011

Falling Down Stairs

Our house has stairs.  Quite a few stairs.  I have never lived in a house with stairs before now.  There are two steps leading from the living room to the kitchen.  There are 4 or 5 steps down to the guest room, laundry room and garage.  There is a flight of stairs leading up to the bedrooms.  

When I was a kid, I thought living in a 2-story house meant you had "arrived."  Arrived where, I am not sure.  I just knew that I often read books where kids had their bedrooms upstairs.  I liked that word.  Upstairs.  I tend to agree with my mom now, however, that stairs are just annoying when you are carrying laundry or trying to vacuum.  But that is not the point of this post.

When I walk down the stairs each morning and throughout the day, I think of the same thing.  The same person.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Yup.  I think of Edna throwing herself (falling?) down the stairs to her death.  I remember reading her biography and thinking how that death was not worthy of her.  I would hate to end my life by falling down a flight of stairs.  Ouch.  And really?  Great Poet Dies in Fall.... Down the Stairs?  Not very poetic, is it?

Or is it?  Hmmm...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a Dream

I had a dream last night.  In this dream, Savannah had been spending some time with us, and she didn't want to go home yet.  Not because she was angry at her mom or hated living there, but she was enjoying her time at our house and simply wanted to stay a few extra days.  In this crazy dream world, her mom came to pick her up and Savannah explained that she wanted to stay a while longer.  So her mother stayed with us.  We ate dinner together, shopped, discussed parenting issues and other things. We took the kids out and watched them all enjoy one other. 

That was it.  Not my usual wild and crazy monkeys-peeing-on-me-out-of-trees dream.  Simple.  A dream where we all got along and life moved smoothly.

I wish it wasn't just a dream.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Remember me posting, a couple of months ago, about using Time4Learning? All in all, it was a very pleasant experience for Haydn and me.  And, now, thanks to Marie over at T4L, I can offer 25 of you a free one month trial in exchange for writing an honest review.  

If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact T4L:

If you are interested in the free trial, just click HERE and fill out the form. 

I am excited to share this with you.  It is great with Spring upon us and kids getting restless.  Changing things up a bit (for free) could be good for your family.  It could also be helpful if one of your children is struggling and could use some after school tutoring.  The activities T4L offer are fun and will not feel so much like homework.



Monday, March 28, 2011

Poetry Lessons: Haiku

When I teach form, I explain it as a frame.  You have a great idea, and the form you write in is your frame for that idea. For me, haiku means looking at the image in the frame and then re-framing one small square-inch of the total piece. Looking at the ocean, haiku may frame only the crest of one wave or the starfish floating by. 

Haiku is the sample spoon at Baskin Robbins.

Last week, at CoOp, I explained haiku and we read some samples of traditional Japanese haiku by Basho and one other poet.  The way these writers can use so few words to paint such brilliant pictures escapes me, but I like to try anyhow.  My one sweet student and I headed outside to sit in the grass, breathe the fresh air (sneeze at the pollen) and attempt to write our own masterpieces.  

Well, here are my results.  I broke the rules on one.  Can you figure out which one?


Green grass is blowing
Wind lifts strands of my black hair
Close eyes and sense peace

Diligent black ant
Legs working so hard to climb
Clover like tree limbs

Tree blooms white blossoms
Leaves crackle under my feet
Spring is art and song

Great black stump on hill
Trunk left for dead on its side
Mother tree mourns alone

Sharp green blade of grass
Pierces dead leaves and pine straw
Life always made new

The grass is so thick.
Could I hide inside and sleep?
Slumber in the sunshine.

How time does stretch on
When you ask your soul to still -
meet God in nature.

Ant on my cell phone
Seems out of place in nature
My two worlds collide

Fat black ant coming
I see another in the grass
Three green blades - whole worlds

Neon green moss bed.
If only I knew the names
for all that Spring grows.


Multitudes on Monday - 3/28/11

1000 Gifts (501-600)

  • Haydn's birthday countdown
  • David's "Mystical Tree"
  • Haydn in pink stripes
  • Haydn wearing "real" pants
  • Twistable crayons
  • Missing my kitties
  • The feeling of home
  • Calm drive to SC
  • Mom's blue Wii remote cover
  • Trekking woods with the boys
  • 4-wheeler paths
  • Clearing in the woods
  • Eliza in "aunt" outfit
  • Boys wrestling outside
  • Boys holding Eliza
  • Eliza Jane's tongue
  • Seeing my sister as a mom
  • "In town" text from Ashley Q
  • Haydn coming to my bed for comfort
  • Sleeping between my boys
  • Jesus' smart mouth in scripture
  • Reading on the porch swing.
  • Stump Hole Landing
  • Reeses pic from Niagara
  • Aunt Linda and Uncle Lawrence's house
  • Watching horses run across a field
  • Mom's soup
  • Bible facts that give me chills
  • David complimenting Linda's cornbread
  • Remembering Granny's friend chicken
  • Turtle ice cream
  • AC/DC onesie
  • David's gray plaid shoes
  • Visiting Rebecca
  • Pile of puppies
  • Tori cuddles
  • Dance game on Kinect
  • Eliza asleep in my arms
  • Eliza swaddled like a burrito
  • "Daisy Adair"
  • Papa John's pizza
  • "Old John VanHoose"
  • Cake between my fingers
  • Food coloring
  • Teaching Mom new things
  • Empty day at Mom's house
  • Licking beaters with David
  • Dunston Checks In on VHS
  • Haydn cheering for James on American Idol
  • Making monster cake balls
  • Napping in my old bedroom
  • Plaid shorts
  • Swirly vitamins
  • Porch swing with Eliza Jane
  • Cici's dessert pizza
  • Clearance books at Books a Million
  • Giving Mom a book
  • Coloring books
  • Carrying Eliza around Sandhills
  • Pizza at Brixx with Carrie
  • Laughing with my sister
  • Misty & Cheri
  • Bag of goodies from Misty
  • Laughing pictures
  • Cats using luggage as a fort
  • No fights on the way home
  • Sleeping in my own bed
  • Ashley's shiny blond tresses
  • Jema
  • Back to blogging
  • First day of Spring
  • Target dollar bin
  • Dancing with Carrie
  • greeting card splurge
  • Freezer full of ice cream
  • Haydn cheering for cursive
  • Stack of new-to-me books
  • Valdemar
  • Awake & alert at 5:45 AM
  • Bible in bed
  • Jesus stumping the Sadducees
  • Being "the Bride"
  • Daydreaming black dresses
  • Haydn's birthday
  • Pie in boys' faces
  • Not rushed in the morning
  • Postage-paid greeting cards
  • Coming downstairs to quiet
  • Sonicare toothbrush
  • Stickers
  • Charting
  • Excitement in Haydn's face
  • Stacked birthday gifts
  • iTunes gift card for Haydn
  • Liking my soon-to-be brother-in-law
  • Baby smell
  • Bright green magazine
  • Audio book: Heart of a Shepherd
  • New toe rings
  • Knowing I get me-time today


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Poem: Sin

You are the dancer
who dances behind me.
Even when I swear
you are not there,
the mirror can see you.
Your eyes burning
holes in the back of my head,
your hands grasping
my waist
and pulling my
I open my mouth to speak,
and you gag me with your fingers.
You spin me right round,
kiss me dead,
on the lips
and leave your dirty 
lying words
between my teeth.
When I need peace,
you force open my mouth
and maneuver my tongue.
I vow to do good,
and you weave your talons
through each of my fingers
and raise my hands to evil
like puppet strings
to my turned-wooden body.
I say, "I'll go. Send me,"
and then you step on my feet.
I promise to be still
and know that He is God,
and you kick those same feet
out from under me.
I say stand;
You shove. I fall.
I say sit;
You drag me upright
and carry me into
the chaos.
I do not dare claim
my own humility,
because, then, you'll dress me up in glamour
and give me fame.
And when I give in
and love the fancy dress
that sparkles in the sun,
you'll strip me bare-naked
and teach me
Oh, how I beg God
tohelp me turn around
and force you out.
I beg Him to replace you
and to fill me,
so I can dance free,
to a new step
and moonwalk out the door.
to a new lover,
The Lover,
who would never
force my hands.
Instead He stretched out His
and took the nails
you, Sin,
chose for me.
He danced your dance,
so I could choose
my own.


Inspired by THIS VIDEO.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Tries to Smother Me in my Sleep

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week... allergies have shown up full-force.  Itchy dry eyes, sneezing, tickles in my nose, headaches.  Why must my favorite season be so annoying to my body.  I woke up this morning with a stuffy head and told Corey, "Spring is trying to smother me in my sleep."  I was certain this was the first line of a poem, but I can think of nothing else to go with it.

In our homeschool this week... I finally visited the teacher store in town, and I love it.  I found a Parts of Speech board game that will hopefully help me teach this to Haydn without the frustration he has been experiencing.  We learned, from Beakman, that vacuums do not suck and if you take the great Wall of China apart and use the bricks to build a 30 foot high wall, that wall would stretch around the entire planet. We started Sea of Monsters, 2nd of the Percy Jackson books, and Haydn loves it.  Tyson the Cyclops is a neat addition.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... CoOp has been a wonderful thing for us.  This week, I had one girl in my poetry class, but that was perfect.  She and I sat outside for twenty minutes, writing Haiku and breathing in the fresh air.  Haydn also had his first baseball practice this week.  After years of being too full of anxiety to play on a team, my little slugger had a blast on the diamond.  I was worried he would be behind all of the other boys who have been playing on teams since they were four (tee ball).  Haydn, however, held his own.  He has quite an arm, and Corey has taught him well.

My favorite thing this week was... picking papers for my sister's wedding invitations.  She and I seldom have the same taste, so I was nervous, but she likes the papers I picked, and I cannot wait to work on the lettering.

What's working for us... The boys now get a sticker for each day they shower without complaint.  If they earn their stickers Sunday-Thursday, they get to stay up 30 minutes past bedtime on Friday.  It has been nice not to hear David's whining when I ask him to clean himself.  What is it kids hate so much about bathing?

What's not working for us... the free typing lessons I was using online.  Haydn just skips what he doesn't want to do.  I will probably buy a program soon.  If he can learn to type well, it will alleviate a lot of frustration from his daily lessons.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... Haydn's therapist thinks he will do best with a computer-based curriculum.  So I am looking them over.  I'd like to, perhaps, do a computer based curriculum for writing and science (supplementing with our home science kits).  I am thinking of trying Math U See for math.  I'd like to do a Charlotte Mason style history/social studies. And, of course, we will keep reading together and he will continue to read on his own each day.  I can handle art without a structured curriculum, and he plays baseball and rides his bike a lot for PE.  Currently, I select his vocabulary words from the book we are reading together.  That way, I am certain he will hear the words used.  Anyone have any experience with computer based curriculum, such as Switched on Schoolhouse? We have used Time4Learning and I will post more about that next week (stay tuned for a chance to get a free month of T4L).

A photo, video, link or quote to share..."The sky above was crystal clear and blue—a great inverted cup of blessing." From Anne of the Island.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Felicities - 3/25/11

Friday Felicities

Haydn's excitement over Model Magic
Paycheck waiting for me
Wonderful poetry lesson at CoOp
Writing Haiku in nature
Misty & Cheri


Monday, March 21, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 3/21/11

1000 Gifts (401-500)

  • 100 on Haydn's reading quiz
  • Reese's eggs
  • Counting napkins
  • Pizza waiting
  • Knowing I can sleep
  • "Love Wins" tee shirt
  • Sparkles on my feet
  • Home
  • Hugs from Haydn
  • Morning motivation
  • Cute wet Pocus
  • Crazy Benjamin
  • White-robed pastor
  • Sharing our church with a friend
  • Feeling useful at work
  • Holding crying girl and hearing heart
  • Metaphor to help us understand
  • Kitties climbing Haydn's ladder
  • Looking at the clock and still having time to sleep
  • Realizing it was only a dream
  • Beakman's World
  • Blue bathroom
  • Haydn asking me to read more Bible
  • Poster paint of Matthew 4
  • Smell of cooking bacon
  • Sleep after sobbing
  • Brothers getting along
  • Purple plaid top
  • Haydn anxious for Percy Jackson movie
  • Haydn using his "scene" to calm himself down
  • Being told Haydn looks like me
  • David's kangaroo story
  • Helpful poetry worksheets for co-op
  • Dr. Sheehan's patient understanding
  • Haydn's good attitude about doctor visits
  • Perfect card fro Cheri
  • Simultaneous "Thank You" from my boys
  • Mr. Goodbar
  • Breath of relief
  • Perfectly round ball of cat
  • Cutting and pasting
  • Bright colored paper
  • Bright colors. Period.
  • Silky ribbons
  • Good morning with Haydn
  • Boys not fighting
  • Caffeine gum
  • Funny cashier making Haydn laugh
  • Kite poems
  • Haydn writing poems "just because"
  • Lauren's texts
  • Surviving the first 123 Magic count
  • My cat's meow
  • Unexpected night at home
  • Drawer full of new and well-fit
  • Haydn finishing a whole novel
  • Completing first Percy Jackson book
  • Haydn cheering because there is a second book
  • La vie c'est belle
  • Writing for my own pleasure
  • Corey's arms around me
  • Good fitting jeans
  • Book titles
  • New ideas
  • Quiet bookstore
  • Not craving Diet Coke today
  • off-the-cuff lesson success
  • Fluffy cat belly
  • Pajama day for David
  • David's use of "odd"
  • Haydn says Troy is a "cool kid."
  • Seven jeans on sale
  • Cuddly naps
  • Haydn answering correctly
  • Soft cotton tee
  • Sunlight streaming in
  • Spring grass
  • Hitting baseballs
  • Watching boys with bats and balls
  • My kitties antagonizing neighbor dogs
  • Little yellow house
  • Sitting outside to read
  • Book suggestion text from Dana
  • Cheri's cherry blossom soap
  • Cherry blossom backgrounds on iPod
  • Nikki Giovanni
  • Dayspring cards
  • Haydn's help with suitcases
  • Vanilla frap because it is SUNDAY!!!
  • Owl painting by Amanda Koonlaba
  • Ice cubes, ready-made
  • Jesus Calling
  • Dairy Queen
  • Pretty dog in pink collar
  • Finishing Eldest
  • Predicting plot-twists with Haydn
  • Texts from Andy
  • Mom's chocolate cake


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I had a strange experience this morning.  Rather, it would seem strange to most.  I no longer find these events odd.  They have happened just often enough to not totally surprise me anymore.  This time, it was a bit stranger than usual though, because I still do not understand the purpose for it.

I woke up suddenly and thought, "Go for a walk."  My next thought was, "It is still dark outside."  It wasn't though.  Gray light filtered through the filmy curtains of my childhood bedroom.  I pulled on my blue jeans from yesterday and grabbed my sweater from where I dropped it on the floor.  No tennis shoes available, I slipped on gold Toms and walked out the door.  No iPod to listen to.  No book to read.  Just me and the street where I lived from 13 to 18.  

The air was cool, so I walked with my arms folded around my middle.  For the first few yards, my mind was racing, debating the reasons God may have brought me out.  Then, I began reciting the Lord's Prayer.  This is often how I calm my mind.  The prayer has been repeated so many times in my head and by my lips that I can almost breathe it without thinking.  So, I prayed the words Jesus gave us and walked.  Thoughts tumbled through my brain, background to the prayer.

When I reached the end of Roberts Road, I stopped and stared at the stop sign.  I examined the reflective stripes you can only see when standing mere inches from its surface. I wondered if God brought me out to tell me to stop something in my life.  Then I turned and walked away.  Five feet, tops, and I found myself doing a 180 to stare at the stop sign again.  More walking, more turning, more staring.  Then, continuing to walk but looking over my shoulder to glimpse the red sign.  Without glasses, it was no more than a bright blur of metal.  

I moved off the road when cars passed.  I half expected one to hit me, as though my mad rush to walk this morning could have been an appointment with fate, my own death.  No cars hit me though.  I wondered if I would come across an accident and be able to help or pray with someone.  Nope.  I saw no people at all, except the ones who drove past me.  The only animal I passed was a flat dead frog and a cat in Wayne Nutt's front window. 

Returning home, to Mom's house, my boys were awake and worried because they could not find me.  I hugged them and explained my absence.  Then, I sat down to read my Bible.  I am reading a daily chapter in Matthew for Lent.  After 4 OT books, I was in need of some straight-up gospel Jesus.  I wondered if today's chapter would explain my walk and the stop sign.  Nope.  If there was a message there, I missed it.

Not sure why I am even sharing this, except to say I am glad I obeyed Him and walked this morning.  I don't see the point in the exercise, but God works in mysterious ways. I trust He had His reasons for calling me out today.  Maybe He will eventually share that with me, and maybe He won't.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Book Title Poems

This is a fun activity I like to do with kids.  Honestly, I enjoy doing it myself.  It gets my poetic-gears in motion and sometimes jump starts new writing. Both of the tweens in my Poetry Workshop for CoOp came up with some cute poems using this method.  Since, when teaching poetry, I do not give assignments without also completing them myself, I spent some time in Books-A-Million yesterday and wrote a few book title poems before CoOp.

There are two ways to do this.  You can gather book titles and rearrange them until you get a poem you like, or you can wander through shelves adding lines as you come across them. The only real rule is that you cannot add any words of your own. 




Try it!

Friday Felicities - 3/11/11

Friday Felicities

David in PJs for school today
Corey doing laundry
Seven jeans on sale for $30
Cute new clothes for Eliza Jane
Knowing I can sleep in tomorrow
Anticipating Spring Break at Mama's


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is the Life

The lovely L L Barkat says I need to do some stream-of-consciousness type writing this week.  Well, she wrote that in God in the Yard, and I am thinking it might not be a bad idea.  I have not done this sort of blogging in quite a while.  The reasons for that are many.  

I am homeschooling Haydn.  This is time-consuming, as you can imagine.  Still, that alone would not keep me from blogging regularly.  But, when you add my 2-day-a-week job at the bookstore, I am, essentially, without a day off.  I am dropping to every other Saturday (keeping all Fridays), so hopefully that will relieve a small amount of pressure.  It isn't that the job is difficult.  Not at all.  I enjoy it.  I get to play with books all day and talk about books and sell people books and order new books.  Books. Books. Books.  Love the books.  No, it is just about time.  I have gone from alone time while the kids are in school and weekends with family or friends to spending all day, every day, with Haydn or at work or with both kids.  For a poet-girl who thrives on solitude and contemplation, this is culture-shock at its finest.  

On top of that, much of what is going on in our lives has not been bloggable.  Not because it is secret.  Rather, it changes from day to day and I have not had any concrete images or words to share here.  Now, I have one phrase to share.  Tourette Syndrome.  I am still learning what these words mean to us and how they will shape our lives, so there is not much else to write on that topic.  I will though.  You know me; I believe in living a transparent life.  Maybe someone else can learn from my mistakes or benefit from my lessons.  

We are prepping for Spring Break.  I cannot wait to get to SC and cuddle my new baby niece, Eliza Jane.  I am so stinking proud of my sister.  She has grown up to be a truly amazing woman.  *sniffle*  I get to stop on the way home and hang out with Cheri for a bit.  I always look forward to that.  

Right now, Haydn is writing sentences using the verb "will."  Writing frustrates him to no end, so we do not do a lot of it.  He types his journal.  We are about to start cursive.  His therapist says that will be easier on him.  He is pausing here and there to tell me how he wants to spend the summer with his Grams and Pawpaw and fish all day long.  

I am reading my Bible everyday.  I always feel more grounded when I manage that one discipline.  I finished the first 4 OT books and am breaking from that for a Lenten stint in Matthew.  I am also reading Matthew to Haydn for our Bible time each week.  And, I am being convicted, a lot, about my own insatiable desires.  This comes up because my kids are constantly asking for things, wishing for things, telling me everything they want.  It frustrates me. I may have just offered to buy David a new book and he will be begging me for a cookie from the snack bar before we can get to the cash register.  As deeply as this discontented/ungrateful attitude hurts me when I see it in my children, it hurts me even more that I see it modeled in myself.  How often do I move right past the blessings rained upon me and jump to how badly I want a Macbook or a new pair of Seven jeans or that ever-illusive trip to Israel?  I list my gifts each day, but I could just as easily keep a list of wants right beside it.  

So, there I am.  Here we are.  This is the life.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 3/7/11

1000 Gifts (301-400)
  • Emma listing her gifts as well
  • Groceries brought in by my boys
  • 100% on the bottom of the Kindle screen
  • Going to bed
  • Sinking into deep sleep
  • Kitties helping me wake David on school mornings
  • The "ding-ding" sound of my laptop starting up
  • The promise of a nap to come
  • Play Dough piano keys
  • Haydn's excitement over email
  • David's body, cuddled by mine
  • Kitty-greeting when I wake
  • Pink wrapper on Rice Crispy Treats
  • When my handwriting turns out pretty
  • Muscles that move me
  • Vanilla frappuccino
  • Cool air on sweaty skin
  • Little dog curled into a ball by my side
  • Pizza when I come home on Fridays
  • Discovering things in common
  • LL Barkat commenting on my blog... I love her.
  • Stacey's curls.
  • Full bottle of Diet Coke.
  • Feeling warm in my big green sweater
  • Knowing I work with Emily today
  • Squirrel on my Vday card makes me smile
  • Hidden squirrel
  • Buying Corey nutty bars
  • Free stuff in the mail
  • ARC from work
  • Finishing Leviticus
  • Zebra-striped camisole
  • Sucking Corey into Words with Friends
  • Envelope of poem-art-journals
  • Nap on a pretty day
  • Reading outside
  • Reaching 50% on a Kindle book
  • Arm looped with Rosemary's
  • MP's pretty cake
  • Silver sparkles
  • Hand-painted TOMS
  • Re:Form video clips
  • Waking up
  • Tickling David
  • Motorboat kitty purrs
  • Working keyboard
  • Poster paint
  • Haydn painting scripture
  • Purple top on water cup
  • 20 minutes walking
  • Excederin migraine
  • Texts from Daddy
  • Bookish emails from Daddy
  • Bedtime coming early
  • Corey's support and understanding
  • Soft red robe
  • Pink thermometer
  • DVR in the bedroom
  • Black bird on book cover
  • Corey. Always. In all ways.
  • Fur tumbleweeds
  • Dropping chicken into water on the stove
  • A quiet day when I most need it
  • Apple cobbler
  • TV-tray table
  • Steps, walking, motion
  • Haydn's Lego creation on the counter
  • David asking for help
  • Owl tee-shirt
  • Facebook connecting "worlds"
  • Recipes from Lynn
  • Amanda posting barred owl pics for me
  • Having good character references
  • Corey examining Haydn's Lego creation
  • David hugs on the steps
  • Kitties waiting to go out the door
  • Haydn disappointed when a chapter ends
  • Anytime Corey reads my writing
  • Moment of inspiration
  • PoemCrazy
  • The perfect book suggestion from Tara
  • Haydn's manners complimented
  • Sneaking up on David
  • Owl-hat compliments
  • Bright green tee
  • Spaciousness
  • Thankful-Journal from Caitlin Price
  • Happy Haydn answers
  • Old journal entries
  • Bible in the morning
  • Balaam's donkey
  • Nail polish names
  • Email about debates
  • Haydn laughing at someone's funny story
  • Haydn's poem
  • That Haydn let me read his poem
  • Pink sweater
  • Clean white shirt
  • Special hair towel
  • Blue flowers on black shirt


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Currently: Marching On

Current Books: Eldest in the car.  The Lightening Thief and Shakespeare's Secret with Haydn, during school. I finished the first two books in the Hunger Games trilogy and have the third one in hand. Reading The Explosive Child. Almost finished Numbers. Reading and blogging God in the Yard.

Current Playlist:  Sometimes Pandora.  Usually, silence.  Haydn and I did listen to African drums while we painted last week.  Does that count?

Current Shame-Inducing-Guilty-Pleasure: Had an Elvis smoothie today.  Chocolate, peanut butter and banana.  YUM!  

Current Colors:  Green and pink.  Bright bright bright.

Current Fetish: Art supplies.  Haydn and I have so much fun with paint.

Current Food: I am making beef and broccoli tonight.  Yum. Craving Captain D's, but I get sick to my stomach every single time I eat there.  So much grease.  Why, then, do I still crave it?

Current Drink: Finishing my Diet Coke supply.  Water for Lent.  Yay.... ?

Current Favorite Favorite:  Co-Op.  Haydn had fun today.  And he got to play with other kids.  YAY!!!

Current Wishlist: Spring always makes me dream of new clothes.  Why is that?

Current Needs: To slow down and let God handle things. 

Current Triumph: Lots of blessings in my life, lately.  I do not see them as triumphs though.  At least, I didn't do anything special.  But, God is winning victories on my behalf, and I am grateful.  So. Very. Grateful.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: A headache that keeps showing up. 

Current Celebrity Crush:  The guy who played Logan on Gilmore Girls showed up in my dream last night.  I was Rory and had flown across the country to win him back.  Odd.

Current Indulgence: Losing myself in the Hunger Games trilogy. 

Current Mood: Shifting. 

Current #1 Blessing:  Corey has been helping me with the laundry since I have been homeschooling and working weekends.  I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful this is.

Current Slang or Saying: Can't think of any.

Current Outfit: Jeans, green tee, pink sweater, hand-painted TOMS.

Current Link: Our CoOp.

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