Friday, February 18, 2011


Time4Learning gave us one month free access in exchanged for an honest review. We have enjoyed our time using the program enough that I considered finishing the school year with it. I still may purchase another month, perhaps in April.  It was a wonderful way of easing myself into a homeschool lifestyle.  


There are a lot of fun games that are also educational.  Haydn looked forward to playground time (earned by time spent doing lessons).  

I was able to view his quizzes and see what he got right and wrong.  That allowed me to offer extra help in areas he struggled with.  We conquered interjections in this manner.  :)

Most of the exercises are simple to figure out.  

There is a parents' forum, where I could interact with all sorts of other moms and dads also using T4L.

The cost is minimal when compared with similar programs.  


Haydn would get bored with the "read this and take the quiz" style of lessons.  Not all of the lessons were like this, but more than I expected.

When he got bored, it was too easy for him to just skip ahead and then fail the quiz.

I may be wrong, but I never found a way to make him re-take something he failed the first time.

This is not a Bible-based curriculum.  They do not advertise that they are, so this is not their problem.  However, one of the beauties of homeschooling is that I can teach Jesus.  So, I want to teach Jesus.  Alpha Omega has put out an online program that is Bible-Based.  However, it is not as affordable as T4L.


I like the program.  I would suggest it for those new to homeschool, like us, or those who need to change things up a bit.  I may purchase a month of access here and there, when we will be doing a lot of traveling.  Internet access for school would be great in those instances. But, Haydn has started acting bored with the program, so I will be doing something else for a while. He needs some one-on-one instruction in some of the most basic areas.


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  1. My family has been using T4L for several years now, but I really enjoyed reading a review from someone new to the program and unbiased. We supplement our T4L experience with plenty of other things, which keeps the kids interested and allows us to study some topics more in-depth. You might consider using T4L as your main curriculum and supplementing with other things, or using something else and supplementing with T4L. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion!


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