Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 2/21/11

It is Monday again.  How do weeks pass so quickly?  This one has included the reorganizing of books on shelves at Reed's, talking all things bookish with Emily, briefly seeing Neil White and chatting essays, watching Karate Kid with my family, multiple headaches, Haydn making a 100 on a vocabulary test, cuddling my most-handsome-husband, and traveling to Brandon to spend a couple of nights at my best friend's house.  Feeling heavy-hearted this morning, trying to help Haydn overcome some self-esteem issues, and Dana reminded me of my blessings.  So, here is another section of my 1000 Gifts list. 

1000 Gifts (151-200)

  • Bright colored cloth
  • Light streaming through windows
  • Soft leather boots
  • Boys who dress themselves
  • Youth happy to see me
  • Sunday hugs
  • Blueberry donuts
  • Haydn pointing out men who look like Shakespeare
  • Triple Peanut Butter ice cream
  • Old movie with Neve Campbell
  • Tears in eyes and blood-cup in hand
  • Saying their names
  • Sharing Eucharisteo with Confirmation
  • Daring them
  • Emma saying, "You're the best"
  • Walls conversation with teen girls
  • David singing in the shower
  • Signing funny Valentine's card
  • David in soft red pajamas
  • Laughing till tears stream
  • Late evening with Corey
  • Items marked off list
  • Sound of washing machine
  • Sound of dryer
  • Haydn proud of typing
  • Smell of cooking food
  • Ecard from Daddy
  • Vday card from Corey
  • Laughing out loud with Corey
  • Knowing Haydn is learning
  • God's precision in Exodus
  • Hearts that mean, "I love you."
  • Walking out into warmth
  • The US Postal Service
  • Sweet man asking for David's help in store
  • One freckle on little-boy-back
  • Kitty paw swats my hair
  • Pictures on food boxes
  • Gnomeo & Juliet
  • Corey's humble spirits
  • Hearing "I love you" from my husband
  • Feeling deeply moved to tears
  • Corey's fingers, tending my broken places
  • God's breath inside me
  • Little boy in good-fitting blue jeans
  • Sky full of black birds
  • Robin only 10 feet away
  • Changing voices on audio books
  • Friendly helpful pharmicist
  • Prescription help


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  1. Love the things you are thankful for Heather! You have a beautiful family, it was great to see you @ church Sunday and BTW LOVED the Boots!! :) :) Shannon


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