Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Currently: Not a Leap Year, Right?

Current Books:  Haydn and I are two chapters from the end of The Silver Chair.  I just finished reading Strangers and Neighbors and reviewing Let's Panic About Babies. Also, we are reading Wishbone's version of Romeo and Juliet.  That is fun.  Where was Wishbone when I was in school?  All together, the boys and I are reading Blue Bottle Mystery.

Current Playlist: In the car, we are listening to Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors.  I have been listening to Christina Perry's "Jar of Hearts" on Pandora. Also, Dawn Landes and Lucy Kaplansky.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I ordered my Kindle.  I check the tracking on it every half hour or so. 

Current Colors: Reds. And this particular shade of blue that Corey likes on me.

Current Fetish:  Owls of all sorts. 

Current Food:  I just had a yummy chocolate owl cake on a stick.  *grins*  A gift from my sweet friend, Liz.

Current Drink: Oh, Diet Coke, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Current Favorite Favorite: Looking up the Hebrew for OT verses on Blue Letter Bible.

Current Wishlist: All the curriculum I will need for 4th grade, a desk

Current Needs: A miracle cure for PMS.

Current Triumph: In the PO, yesterday, someone asked Haydn if he was getting to skip school.  I explained that we homeschool. The man asked if we were studying storms (it was storming outside the window).  I laughed.  He asked Haydn if he knew what kind of clouds bring storms.  "Cumulus," Haydn replied.  Score 1 for Homeschool!

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: The weather. I am a spring blossom, and the cold is making me sad.

Current Celebrity Crush: The chick who stars in Dead Like Me.  I like her.

Current Indulgence: LOLCats.  Seriously. makes me happy.

Current Mood: Did I mention PMS earlier?  Cause, yeah...

Current #1 Blessing:  My husband.  He has been such an encourager as I adjust to homeschool and still try to juggle housework, etc... And, the Rish family.  They took good care of my boys so I could go on the Confirmation Retreat.

Current Slang or Saying: Not mine, but Haydn keeps rolling his eyes at how often Puddleglum says, "I shouldn't wonder," in The Silver Chair.

Current Outfit:  My Sevens.  A red blouse. About to slide on black boots and add some eyeliner to my face before I teach youth.

Current Link: Planning to watch this with Haydn.

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