Thursday, February 10, 2011

1000 Gifts (1-50)

I have been reading 1000 Gifts by the beautiful Ann Voskamp.  I have to tell you, I assumed I would enjoy the book, because I love Ann's writing style and her heart, just from reading her blog.  What I did not expect was to be so completely blown away by her words, her story, and the way God is speaking to me through this book.  I mean, I have done the 1000 things before, right?  Years ago, Janet sent the WaH girls a CD that had the song "1000 Beautiful Things" on it.  I saw this as a challenge and started listing them.  Then, later, I did a blog series called 1000 Gifts.  I honestly do not know where I got the idea from.  Maybe Ann had already started her list and I read about it somewhere.  But, I was doing these blog entries about gifts in life.  All fizzled out.  This time, I am keeping a notebook on the kitchen island, which I walk by thousands of times in a day.  I am looking for things to write on this list.  I am falling asleep with thank yous on my mind and lips.  It is a good feeling.  I will share my list as it goes.

Here are the first 50 items:

  • The way the ink of this pen soaks into the paper
  • Folksy/Bluegrass music on Pandora while I cook
  • That feeling of completion when you slide a meal into the oven
  • Air filling lungs
  • Brothers playing together on Saturday morning
  • Haydn laughing hysterically at America's Funniest Home Videos
  • The trusting look in our animals' eyes
  • My kitties have the softest fur ever.
  • Noticing a new angle on an old story
  • Fully stocked food cabinets
  • When people "like" something I say on Facebook
  • Pink bubbles on a pink bicycle
  • David's skin after a shower
  • The big fat tears in David's eyes that show he feels remorse
  • Patience and trust, learned in waiting for Savannah
  • Sunshine streaming through windows on a Sunday morning
  • Chery red dinosaur vitamins every morning
  • Pathetic-sleepy-kitty cuddles
  • Round stainglass windows that shade the sun like a rainbow of light
  • Writing poetry after hearing scripture
  • My sons enjoying time with youth at church activities
  • A warm coat
  • Moon smiling like a chesire cat
  • Haydn asking to take pictures of that smiling moon
  • When friends link something on Facebook because it made them think of me
  • Being thought of
  • Happies in the mail
  • Pink bicycle dreams
  • A house sprinkled with owls
  • Tattoo inspiration
  • How Benjamin curls up into a tiny little doggie ball
  • Passing the doors of sleeping boys, on my way to bed
  • Sitting on David's bed while he wakes up in the mornings
  • The clink-clink of the cats' collars when they shake their heads
  • Seeing my kitty-brothers act like my human-brother-sons
  • The welcome routine of making David's lunch on a school morning
  • My children eat the end pieces of bread loaves without complaint
  • Haydn asking for a biography of Erin Hunter (author of Warriors)
  • David walking into school with his bookbag on
  • David asking if we can read two chapters
  • The buzz of the printer at work
  • When "restarting" fixes the problem
  • Haydn creating a tornado out of play dough
  • Whent he boys talk my ear off, because one day I'll have to beg them to talk
  • An evening with nowhere we have to be
  • Cake batter
  • Holding Corey's hand
  • Pied Piper mornings, animals under my feet
  • Cake balls for breakfast!
  • Wrestling boys who giggle



  1. Great list!
    I've been out of the thankful habit until I started participating in Ann's meme each Monday.

  2. Great idea! I wish I had an island, too. ;)


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