Friday, January 28, 2011

Time4Learning: 2 Weeks

We have now used Time4Learning for a full two week period.  I am still in love with it. 

Yesterday, Haydn was using his "playground" time and called me to look at something.  The game involved picking out literary devices in poems.  The fact that he was willingly doing anything with poetry astounded me.  What he wanted me to see was that the poem was about an owl, the same owl poem on a canvas I have hanging on the wall (my friend, Mandy, painted it for me).  He was so excited.  I was excited to see him excited. It was a good moment.

I am mostly using T4L for his Math, Science and Social Studies.  He does some Language Arts on there, but I do a lot of that myself.  Being a writer and a reader, I love doing those activities with him.  But I also love knowing I can have him run through a lesson on there, if we have a packed day and I cannot stop to sit at the table with him as often.  I also love the student reports and lesson plans found on the Time4Learning website.  That allows me to see how he is doing, where he is struggling, etc...  

The parent forum on Time4Learning is wonderful.  I can ask questions and find people in my area who also use T4L.  Other parents share ideas for helping lessons really sink in and for how to organize your child's time doing the lessons.  It is a wonderful resource.

We have two more weeks of our free trial.  Then, I plan to pay for a membership for the rest of this semester. It is a great way to ease into homeschooling.  Also, looking at curriculum has shown me what a great deal the monthly T4L price is.  At $20 per month, that would be $180 for a 9-month semester (and they offer deals for paying in advance, so it really isn't even that much), it is cheaper than any of the curriculum sets I have looked at.  I would be paying that much for one or two subjects elsewhere.  

I will post about it again at the end of the trial month.

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  1. Im so glad to hear your still lovin it ;)
    I know the price is awesome!! I hear so many times about the price but I agree if you break it down its sooooo much cheaper then anything else out there and IMO better :)

    Homeschooling two kids in North Carolina since 2005!


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