Monday, January 24, 2011

I Cannot Do Any Of These Things

My friend, Aimee, gave me a great activity for helping Haydn with his reading comprehension.  Rather than wait to make copies of the papers she has, I wrote a few of my own and tried it out this morning.  He liked it.  I write a paragraph or a few paragraphs and put questions after.  Instead of just having him read and answer those questions, however, I have him read the questions first.  Then we read the story and highlight the answers we find.  When we have found all of the answers, we re-read the story all of the way through. Sometimes, I print two copies and we see if he can find the answers before me. The first paragraph I wrote was about a little boy watching a tornado, so that caught his attention instantly.

His energy level is through the roof today, but it is dreary outside and I am exhausted.  Not a good combination. Still, we persevere.  We read a chapter from a Wishbone book (Romeo & Juliet) and made a list in our journals (he likes lists). He did Math, Science and Social Studies on Time4Learning, and he is improving.  I set his grade level back to 2nd grade for math, for a while.  I think he needs to refresh some of his skills before moving on.  This is the beauty of Time4Learning.  I can change his grade level at any time.  There are no other students he needs to keep up with.  And, when I see what concepts he is struggling with, I can come up with activities to help him learn those lessons.

We did break for an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos.  He needed to laugh.  Getting him to laugh often releases some of the tension that builds up during the day.  He gets so frustrated with himself over every little mistake. While he did Time4Learning, I was able to do my reading for today (I'm in Genesis and Romans) and then he ate lunch.  Now he is playing outside for a while.  I hope he will be ready to settle down and read after noon.

It is my birth week.  I turn 29 on Thursday.  I feel like I just turned 16. LOL!  Hard to believe I am entering my last year as a twenty-something. Friends have given me owls and books and Amazon gift cards, and it is not even the 27th yet.  I am feeling very spoiled.  I love feeling very spoiled.

The readings in Romans this week have been good reminders.  I cannot do any of this.  God can.  The sooner I let Him have His way, the sooner things can start working as they should. I cannot fix the situation that keeps my husband from communicating with and spending time with his daughter.  I cannot change Haydn's attitude. I am not capable of controlling the depression that would like to rear its ugly head sometimes.  I can't make my friend's husband quit being the world's biggest jerk and see the beautiful treasure he has in her. I can't change the path of the tornado or make it disappear into thin air. I cannot do any of these things.  

But God can.

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