Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Afraid, But Do Not Be Afraid

Can you imagine
a tear in the sky -
ragged unsewn edges
of the blue
and the clouds?

I'm not telling you
to picture an open door,
like that dove was released -
tame -
from His cage.
There is no taming -
no training -
the Spirit.

I am asking you to picture
the shocking ripping shredding sound
when the very atmosphere that holds
our planet
is torn apart,
so that God can come down.

Be afraid,
but do not be afraid,
when it comes time to let your soul
be ripped open
like that sky.
Be afraid, because nothing
will ever EVER be the same,
but do not be afraid, because
nothing at all,
will ever EVER
be the same.


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