Friday, January 7, 2011

1234, Get Your Blog On The Floor

1. I am wearing a Toy Story Bandaid on the middle finger of my left hand. Why? Because I slit the skin on that finger... opening a Diet Coke.  Actually, I regularly slit the skin on this finger from opening my Diet Cokes.  Sometimes, it is a bad enough cut that it is tender to the touch and requires a Bandaid until it heals (and I manage to slit it open again).  Does a Diet Coke injury qualify me for worker's comp?  I mean, doesn't Diet Coke count as one of the hazards of Motherhood?  Isn't it a given?

2. I name my gadgets.  I love gadgets.  I had to acknowledge that, this past year, when I began desperately wanting my own eReader, after months of explaining why I am a simple girl who just loves paper books.  Okay, so I do love paper books, but I am far from a simple girl, and I like gadgets too.  And I name the gadgets I own. My first iPod Touch was called Lil Ruby.  She wore a red glittery cover (gift from Mandykins).  The new iPod Touch is named Lolita (cause she's a sweet young thing). My first laptop was named Lappy.  This one is Della.  I named the church computer MacKenzie (it's a Mac and I had just read Outlander). I told Corey, if I had a GPS, I'd name her Amelia (Earhart).  Well, the Nook's name is Sophia Louise.  If I make the Kindle switch for my birthday, what should I name the Kindle? 

3. Yesterday was our first really hard homeschool day.  I blame part of this on my own hormones.  I was edgy all day long, even when Haydn was fine. It was also the first day I asked him to do written work.  We had been doing a lot of reading and talking and exploring subjects.  Yesterday, I had him do an assessment to see if he is proficient in reading and spelling words that do not follow the phonetic rules (rebel words).  He is.  He rocks at them.  But, it was a "test" of sorts, and he hates tests.  Also, I had him answer questions about Voyage of the Dawn Treader, since we saw that Sunday night. He was frustrated because I wanted him to write complete sentences instead of sentence fragments. Writing frustrates him.  He wants to be perfect, and that is impossible.  And when he is not perfect, he gets very angry.

4. I finished reading Wesley the Owl.  I am in love. I gleaned some wonderful information to help me finish my essay.  It is going in an entirely new direction, and I am excited.  Yes, excited. About an essay.  I am a geeky nerdy writer, and I am okay with that. Sort of makes me perfectly suited to homeschool my geeky nerdy son who is, just now, using magnetic train toys to do some "mythbusting."  He is experimenting with magnetism and gravity and force.  I love this kid.

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  1. My kids would rather chew off their own eyebrows than write. I don't get it. The writing gene skips a generation I guess. Just ordered "Unjournaling" from Hope it helps. Here's hoping.


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