Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Ghost

One Christmas he gave me
a t-shirt with a cartoon character on it.
A year later, he bought me
a silver anklet, delicate and beautiful.
I guess you could say, our relationship
had grown
more intimate.

I would sit on the sofa in the dark
and stare at Christmas lights, sparkling
on the tree, 
while I thought about him and about
I thought nothing could ever break
what we had.

He is a ghost now,
a Christmas ghost who jingles by
like silver chains against 
my ankle bones.
He is cold to the touch
of memory,
and bright bright bright
like the lights I saw when I
was in love.


In response to this post: Christmas Ghost Poem


  1. I really like this. Especially the silver chains jingling.

  2. Every time I thought of a ghost, I saw that silver chain, so I gave up and wrote it. LOL! Sometimes, my distracted thoughts turn out better than what I was trying to write to begin with.

  3. I hope the chain isn't too heavy. I like your poem. Blessings.

  4. Oh, the tactile evidence of a ghost--quite the approach--and, of course, "cold to the touch." Thanks for sharing.

  5. Interesting how the image of chains, even delicate silver ones, can conjure up memories of ghosts. I liked this a lot.


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