Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sliver of a Moment

She was a white lady
with white hair
and a nubby pink
bath robe.
Her carport door stood open,
so I could see a sliver
of her kitchen
in the early morning light.
A table, a chair,
one wall with a cross,
and I wanted to stop my car
to go inside.
For a sliver of a moment,
I ached for her to be
my grandmother
and for that house to be
my home away from home.
My one glimpse of kitchen light
felt like 
a safe haven,
and you would not believe
the pain it took
to drive away.



  1. Jumped over from HCB.

    I've experienced that pain recently...driving away, when you wish you could just park your car and stay.

  2. I wondered what she would have done if I had parked and walked into her house, looking pitiful.

  3. i like this story.


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