Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday & Saturday Felicities - 10/30/10

I have the most trouble getting the Felicities up on Fridays.  Forgive me?

Friday & Saturday Felicities

My Halloween costume
New printer cartridge
Napping kitty cats
Pics of my adorable nephews
Wearing a tee that was Corey's when he was a kid
Benjamin guarding the bathroom door
Watching Anne of Green Gables while I fold laundry
Long nap yesterday afternoon
Waking up to find Corey had ordered pizza for dinner
Andi's angel/devil costume at Trunk or Treat
David playing my old Super Nintendo
Having my iPod back


Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Felicities - 10/22/10

Friday Felicities

Looking forward to the conference in Oxford, next month
The Beth Moore girls on Wednesday mornings
Plotting my bookish Christmas decor
Old photos stored in the church
Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream
Lunch out with Corey
David reciting the definition of Integrity
Funny texts from my sister
Blue & white checked blouse
Phone calls with my Mama
when Leila and I have the exact same thought, like we are sharing brains
Owl stickers from Rhonda and Rosemary
Compliments on the fab new haircut


Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Tornado

The thing about tornadoes is
They were not meant to be kept
As pets.
There is no jar or bowl or box or pen
That can hold one.
I cannot attach mine
To a leash and lead him
Instead he blows up wild
And lashes out violent
And no matter how I try
To curb his wind,
He continues to spin.
His gray fury astounds me, 
After the relative peace
of a stormless day.
Dust in my eyes
And debris flying by,
And something tells me this ride
Will not end in Oz,
With a yellow brick road
And a good witch in a bubble
Floating down.
Round and round and round he goes
And where he will stop
God only knows,
But somehow I have to tame him.
Somehow I have to harness
The wild wind and the flying house
That threatens to blow us away.


For Haydn, per his request

Beautiful Women

The most beautiful women
rarely know
they're beautiful.
No one bothers to tell them.
We girls are either jealous
or afraid.
Either one is a waste
of your time.
The dark black skin
of the girl on the playground
when i took my boys Wednesday night
cannot be matched
and she will still be beautiful
even if I don't tell her so,
but I want to tell her
that her smile makes me smile
and her eyes are full of light.
I want to tell her how
the flutter of her fingers
brings me joy.
She is a vision and an image
of God's love for His creation -
that He cared enough to make her
and let me - a poet -
feast upon the sight
of one exotic beauty
on an otherwise ordinary
Wednesday night.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sliver of a Moment

She was a white lady
with white hair
and a nubby pink
bath robe.
Her carport door stood open,
so I could see a sliver
of her kitchen
in the early morning light.
A table, a chair,
one wall with a cross,
and I wanted to stop my car
to go inside.
For a sliver of a moment,
I ached for her to be
my grandmother
and for that house to be
my home away from home.
My one glimpse of kitchen light
felt like 
a safe haven,
and you would not believe
the pain it took
to drive away.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Poem: Creation

God dreamed about Creation,
and then He moved His hands
and licked His lips
and made the world.

It started as a dream.
Every atom in the universe -
an idea.

First, God's idea,
Einstein and Franklin and Edison
and you and me.

We were created
to create.
We were dreamt about
so we could dream.
We stepped out
of God's ideas
and stepped into

And so we must continue
to create.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Currently 10/10

Current Books:  I finally read In the Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White.  Then I read South of Broad by Pat Conroy, whom I always adore.  Now, I am sucked into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I don't usually read books that have been quite so popular, but I eventually gave into Harry Potter and Twilight.  I also don't typically read mystery or suspense.  The first few chapters of Girl I had to wade through.  All the financial stuff lost me, and I am not terribly familiar with Sweden.  But now I'm hooked.  I will definitely plow through all three.

Current Playlist:  I am listening to Weedflower on CD in the car.  Next up is Elsewhere.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Can't think of anything. Feeling pretty shame-free.

Current Colors: Shades of black and grey.  Also, loving navy blue.

Current Fetish:  Still owls.

Current Food: Had the yummiest salmon yesterday at Renee's.

Current Drink: Diet Mountain Dew

Current Favorite Favorite: Beautiful weather and fresh air.

Current Wishlist:  Again, the 13" Macbook sings its siren song to me.

Current Needs:  To get off my rear, this morning, and do some more reorganizing.  Thanksgiving at my house next month.

Current Triumph: I auditioned for a play.  I have had a lot of social anxiety these last few months.  Auditioning was scary.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: My own self.  I get in my way too much.

Current Celebrity Crush: Kat Von D

Current Indulgence: Bottled vanilla frappes

Current Mood:  Feeling a lot better than I was.  More like myself. 

Current #1 Blessing: Antidepressants.  I am glad doctors came up with those things.

Current Slang or Saying: "eh"

Current Outfit: Gap jeans, orange shirt with peacock feathers on it, blue cardigan/hoodie

Current Link: I get to go to one day of this.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Money isn't the only
Method of spending
What we don't have.
As I juggle children
And church,
My calling and his,
Grocery runs and poetry,
Sanity, medication,
Friendship and love,
I sometimes commit to give
More of me
Than I have.
I commit to give
More of Heather
Than God made
Of Heather.
And then I am
In debt.
I sink into the debt
And I pay only
The interest.
My kids have to exist on minimum payments.
This is not
The borrower is made slave
To the lender.
I cannot become a slave
To this world.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Felicities - 10/1/10

Friday Felicities

The perfect quote at the perfect time
Pat Conroy
Watching 4 straight episodes of LA Ink
Kitties sleeping in cute positions
Red velvet cake ice cream
Olivia cuddles


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