Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Felicities - 8/20/10

It is time for Friday Felicities.  I just spent a while trying to figure out Mr. Linky.  I am confused.  It says I have to upgrade to a silver account to use the service.  Um....  No?  So, we will stick to links in the comments for now.


Friday Felicities
In Memory of Natalie Rose

Ivy League on my toes
Laughing at myself b/c I tried to "click" to turn pages in a hardback book
Free chocolates for having a Nook in B&N
Corey's excitement over his new phone
God as judge (and only God)
Beth Moore using Return of the King in Bible Study
Dad posting old pictures on Facebook
Cute onesie for my niece
Clearance shoes 
David going on his first church retreat without us
Haydn having good days at school this week



  1. Which Beth Moore study are you doing? I did Daniel last summer/fall and I remember her using some Tolkein in that one. :)


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