Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Act of Poetry: Summer

This is how I know
it is summer.

I am dropping a bathing suit into my bag
along with a towel
and sunscreen.

I am going to visit my family
in South Carolina
and probably will not swim at all,
but I pack these things
because it is summer.

Pausing to answer a question
posed by an out-of-school child,
I remember my own summers
when I rode my bike and read a lot of books
that I did not have to take tests about
or write essays on
or even read if I did not want to
so badly.

A deep breath
and a memory
make summer for me.



  1. I like the part about packing the bathing suit anyway. We have our ways. :)

  2. good summer memory.

  3. Thanks for the post. Sure brings out that "feeling" we all seem to have that means summer!


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