Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Felicities - 7/2/10

Welcome to the new home of Friday Felicities, in memory of Natalie Rose York.  Becky has asked if I would like to take over hosting it each week, and I am excited to do so.  Becky has had it for 3 years now, and she could use a break, don't you think?

I am going to figure out how to use Mr. Linky, but with the packing and cleaning going on this week, I decided to start simple.  If you participate on your blog, leave me a comment with the link.  If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave your list of happies in my comments.

What made you feel joy this week?

  • Picking blueberries
  • Seeing David enjoying the farm we visited
  • Spending time with Aimee
  • Laughing through Couples' Retreat for the 4th time
  • Starting Return of the King on my Nook
  • Seeing Eclipse with the Rosemary and the youth
  • Cheri
  • My sweet husband
  • A book in the mail, Poetrees

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