Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Benjamin is always excited to see me in the mornings. I let him out to pee and back in to get some water before doing much of anything else in the AM.

I had a job interview, and I would not have a chance to go home and change between dropping the boys at school and arriving at the church for the interview.  So, fancy-pants it was for the morning.

Haydn is my picky eater, so he takes his lunch to school.  There are only two kinds of sandwich he will eat - peanut butter or grilled cheese.  Toss in a Capri Sun and some chips or crackers, maybe a granola bar, and he is ready.

After dropping the kids off at school, on Tuesdays, I go to my Artist group.  I call us that, because we are currently working through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. In my head, I refer to this group of women as my "Mystics," because the first book I did with them was The Way of the Mystics. On this Tuesday, I left part-way into the discussion and went to my interview, also at the church, but in a different part.  The pictures below show the path I walked from the church parking lot to the Coffee House, where we meet.  My interview was in the church office.  I went back to the group after.

Then it was home to tackle the laundry done on Monday. I save it all up and watch a movie or a TV show while I fold.

I also did a ton of cleaning in the boys' rooms today.  Part of this is because we have guests coming this weekend and part is because it so desperately needed it. I took tons of trash out of their rooms.  How can two little boys create so much mess? It was good to finally get all of Haydn's books onto a shelf.

After picking the boys up, getting through homework and dinner, and playing outside a bit, we went to Ballard Park.  We fed the ducks and then the boys played on the swings before going to David's tee-ball game.

Quick snack and then bedtime for my boys.

An email to my hubby and then I went to bed.  I am not a night owl.  I used to be. Parenthood changed me. 

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