Thursday, May 6, 2010


Benjamin cannot be trusted home alone.  He gets mad at me for leaving him behind and poops on things. So, when we leave the house in the mornings, he has to go into his kennel.  He walks himself in as soon as he sees me get my keys off the hook.

Then, the boys pile into the backseat and we head to school.

After dropping them off, I had a dental appointment.  And, my dentist was handing out carnations to all the moms who came into the office.  Sweet.

So, while my mouth was still numb, I hit the road for West Point, where I delivered hubby's funeral clothes to a friend's laundry room.  Yea... long story.  I snapped this pic of the cool horseshoe cross on Dave's wall.

Then, since I was going to go by Okolona, I decided to stop and find the library, b/c I had read there was a labyrinth there.  You all know how I love a labyrinth.  This one turned out to be... small.  Well, As I look at the picture, now, I can make out that the whole thing WAS a labyrinth, but too confusing to try to walk it for relaxation and meditation, though it was very pretty.  In the center is a finger-labyrinth.  I have a couple of these here at the house. Anywho, it was worth the trip, b/c I do so love a labyrinth of any kind.

From there, I came back to Tupelo.  I ended up meeting Sherry at the ER, where she had taken Andi to see why our girl has a fever.  I had to leave there in time to pick up the kiddos and come home.  Checked the mail and found a letter from the conference for me and Lego magazine for the boys.

The poor dog is not usually in his kennel all day like he was today.  He had an accident.  Stinky.  I lit a candle to clear out the scent.

Haydn had been begging to play a game on my laptop.  I finally gave in.  He is saving his money to buy his own.

Then, it was time for baths.  All around.  First David.  Then Haydn.  Then the dog.

I did some playing with my craft supplies.

Now, I think I will make it an early night.


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