Monday, May 3, 2010


I loved Stephanie's "A Week in the Life."  I am going to try to do my own.

 Good morning, Cheerios.  And paper.  This kid is always making something out of paper. 

Switch around a load of laundry.

Quick glance at the calendar.

I try to write my "morning pages" as soon as I drop the boys at school.

I do my CVS trip for the week on Monday mornings.

From CVS, I went to Sherry's, where we spent the majority of the day in her peaceful kitchen. 

Car pool time.

Scribbled down directions to a friend's house, so I can drop some stuff off for my husband.

Finished with their homework, they catch a TV show, eat dinner and head outside.

One of my favorite times of day: Mail!  I got a sweet card from Nancy and mailed a bill and a group of Mother's Day cards.

Tee ball!!!!!!

Bedtime is 7:30, but with the game and showers, it was later than usual.

Working on the Circle Journal I will be mailing soon and then going to bed.

Good night!


  1. Fun review! I like Sherry's kitchen, and I'm glad to hear you spent the majority of the day in it--those chairs are awesome!

  2. Very cool. : ) I had such fun with mine.


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