Saturday, May 8, 2010


Once awake, I take my Ritalin and my Fish Oil to start the day.  That is my equivalent of coffee.

This week, I have been drinking Sobe Life Water, because I got them at CVS on a great BOGO deal.  :)

I had a couple of grouches in the car Friday morning.

Once I dropped Grump 1 and Grump 2 at their school, I parked and wrote my Morning Pages in my Wicked journal.  It was a gift from Pattie.

Then, onto Azkaban (Walmart) for groceries.

Home sweet home to put the groceries away and email Corey directions to our friends' new house. Really, isn't there something about freshly stocked cabinets that just feels good?

Sherry called and asked me to come over.  I sat with Andi while she ran to Kroger to pick up a prescription.  Andi was sleeping, so I borrowed the beautiful sunny dining room table to work on my Daniel study.

Before I left Sherry's, Jimmy and Debbie came over with Landon and Caroline.  Caroline is just one month old.  Andi even got to hold her.  Sherry was cuddling her when I left.

David made me a pin for Mother's Day.  He gave it to me when he got home from school.

I spent some time printing new coupons from my favorite sites and organizing them into my owl wristlet (a gift from my pretty sister-in-law).

Then, Renee dropped by to work on Media.  That is how the rest of my evening was spent.

Just two days left of this series.  It has been fun.  It opened my eyes to some patterns and habits in my days.


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