Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baking Crayons

I like to cook color.
Gather up the rainbows
and peel them like potatoes.

Broken bits,
skinned and tossed
into the mix.

Turn on the heat -
my slow gas oven -
and slide in the orange carrot pieces
with the rays of yellow sun
and each blue bit
of the sky.

Cook them till they melt.

Now, you have to be patient
while the color treat cools.
I'll snap each swirled pop
of green and gold and glitter
from its casing
and you can use the newness
to create.


Step 1: Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Step 2:  Peel broken crayon bits (or break up whole ones, if you'd rather."

Step 3: Fill silicone ice trays or candy trays with the peeled bits.  (You can also use muffin pans, but only fill each cup about 1 inch).

Step 4: Place tray into the oven on center rack.

Step 5: Check intermittently.  I have a gas oven that cooks on the slow side, so it took over 20 minutes for my crayons to melt down.  

Step 6: Pull tray from oven and set on counter to cool.  Some places said to put them in the freezer, but I had no need for that. Also, my tray is shallow and bendy so I spilled some as I pulled it out.  Be careful.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Felicities ... 5-14-10

Happy Friday, y'all!

Friday Felicities

Painting with Sherry
Finding images for "Higher" for Sunday
David getting an award
Looking forward to a Mac class tomorrow
My Tuesday morning girls
Watching Tink dance
TALKING with Andi
Sweet compliments on my poetry
Catching up with Meredith
Jennifer Knapp's new album
Chicken casseroles
Getting set up to make Librivox recordings


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well.  I accidentally deleted all of the pics, but one, from the Festival today and from Corey getting home this evening.  Sigh... Onward and Upward.  I will post what I did not delete.

The morning started as the evening ended, with media work on the Mac.

I was up at 6 AM.  Yes, on a Saturday.  And, I sort of had breakfast. If this counts:

The boys spent Saturday morning being lazy, and I am okay with that. Here is their space on the living room floor.

When media was finished, we got dressed and headed to the church so Renee and I could rehearse for Sunday.

Then, the boys and I walked to Reed's for the Style Your Sole party.  I got my Toms to go and will post the finished product soon... when I finish it.  Hee hee.  Then, we walked over to the Gum Tree Festival.  These are the pictures I deleted.  The only one I have is this one the boys insisted I take, on the way downtown.

They did not last very long at the Festival.  It was hot and really more about art than anything kids are interested in.  I wish I could have stayed longer by myself.  Alas, we headed home, where the boys played outside and I worked on what needed fixing for Media, while watching a movie on my laptop.

When the kids came in, they wanted to play computer games. Haydn used my laptop and David used the old desktop. While they did this, I relaxed with a review copy of Joss' new book, Backseat Saints.

Right before bed, I had some fun starting on my TOMs.  A love poem around the edge of one and a few lines from Goblin Market around the edge of the other.

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Once awake, I take my Ritalin and my Fish Oil to start the day.  That is my equivalent of coffee.

This week, I have been drinking Sobe Life Water, because I got them at CVS on a great BOGO deal.  :)

I had a couple of grouches in the car Friday morning.

Once I dropped Grump 1 and Grump 2 at their school, I parked and wrote my Morning Pages in my Wicked journal.  It was a gift from Pattie.

Then, onto Azkaban (Walmart) for groceries.

Home sweet home to put the groceries away and email Corey directions to our friends' new house. Really, isn't there something about freshly stocked cabinets that just feels good?

Sherry called and asked me to come over.  I sat with Andi while she ran to Kroger to pick up a prescription.  Andi was sleeping, so I borrowed the beautiful sunny dining room table to work on my Daniel study.

Before I left Sherry's, Jimmy and Debbie came over with Landon and Caroline.  Caroline is just one month old.  Andi even got to hold her.  Sherry was cuddling her when I left.

David made me a pin for Mother's Day.  He gave it to me when he got home from school.

I spent some time printing new coupons from my favorite sites and organizing them into my owl wristlet (a gift from my pretty sister-in-law).

Then, Renee dropped by to work on Media.  That is how the rest of my evening was spent.

Just two days left of this series.  It has been fun.  It opened my eyes to some patterns and habits in my days.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Felicities - 5/7/10

It's that time again...

Friday Felicities

Chinese Food and good conversation
Andi lip-talking to me
Haydn being excited about reading Joel's essay
Cheesecake brownies
Holding a baby
Helping Andi hold a baby
My super cool silver dry-erase calendar
Sending funny greeting cards
A pin made by David
New eye make-up
Dr. Catherine Wells


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Benjamin cannot be trusted home alone.  He gets mad at me for leaving him behind and poops on things. So, when we leave the house in the mornings, he has to go into his kennel.  He walks himself in as soon as he sees me get my keys off the hook.

Then, the boys pile into the backseat and we head to school.

After dropping them off, I had a dental appointment.  And, my dentist was handing out carnations to all the moms who came into the office.  Sweet.

So, while my mouth was still numb, I hit the road for West Point, where I delivered hubby's funeral clothes to a friend's laundry room.  Yea... long story.  I snapped this pic of the cool horseshoe cross on Dave's wall.

Then, since I was going to go by Okolona, I decided to stop and find the library, b/c I had read there was a labyrinth there.  You all know how I love a labyrinth.  This one turned out to be... small.  Well, As I look at the picture, now, I can make out that the whole thing WAS a labyrinth, but too confusing to try to walk it for relaxation and meditation, though it was very pretty.  In the center is a finger-labyrinth.  I have a couple of these here at the house. Anywho, it was worth the trip, b/c I do so love a labyrinth of any kind.

From there, I came back to Tupelo.  I ended up meeting Sherry at the ER, where she had taken Andi to see why our girl has a fever.  I had to leave there in time to pick up the kiddos and come home.  Checked the mail and found a letter from the conference for me and Lego magazine for the boys.

The poor dog is not usually in his kennel all day like he was today.  He had an accident.  Stinky.  I lit a candle to clear out the scent.

Haydn had been begging to play a game on my laptop.  I finally gave in.  He is saving his money to buy his own.

Then, it was time for baths.  All around.  First David.  Then Haydn.  Then the dog.

I did some playing with my craft supplies.

Now, I think I will make it an early night.



Good morning, Benjamin.  He doesn't like to hold still for the camera.

Good morning, David.

Good morning, Haydn!

I lead a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings.  So, I dropped the boys off at school and then went to Corey's office, where I borrowed his desk to write my morning pages and finish my "Daniel" homework.

Then, I went to the coffee house for Bible Study before meeting Sheena and April for Chinese food. I got no shots of this.  I then ran to Walgreen's for my meds.  I am normally a CVS girl, but CVS never has my meds in stock, even when I go in a MONTH ahead of time and get assurance from the pharmacist that they will order them.  But, Walgreen's always has my meds.  Also, while there, I picked up a birthday card for a friend.

So, I didn't get the job.  I decided to drown my sorrows in cheesecake brownies.

After running around all day, I felt sweaty and icky so I changed shirts before heading to youth Bible Study. 

Apparently, I did not take a single picture the rest of the evening, despite carrying my camera with me.  Go figure.

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