Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have missed two days, thus far.  I hate that I missed them, and I wonder what I would have written, had I put pen to paper on those days.  I only regret the things I did not do.  

Today's poem will come from a prompt found at Journally. Write about an approaching storm.  This prompt made me think of something my friend, Jennifer, said yesterday.  So, I am going to shamelessly steal her observation and spiritual insight.  Thanks Jen!!!

It seems too bright outside
for a storm to be on its way.
The sun is shining like God is grinning
on humanity.
The weather is perfect for a walk,
friends side-by-side on the road of life
and the paved road with the dead-end
in front of Sherry's house.

Friends, side-by-side,
walking a road no one ever expects to be walking.
How to expect
a storm
when the sky is brilliant blue
and the grass is greener than green should be.
A breeze is lifting your hair,
and laughter gurgles in your throat.
But all along,
the storm was brewing,

And when she comes,
she comes with a fury,
always thrilled to find us


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