Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silent Witness

My dog is my silent witness.
Mostly silent.
He does bark at doorbells
and vacuum cleaners.
The vacuum thing is not his fault though.
He is just a little paranoid.
He may say the same thing about me,
if he could talk.

He might tell you that I move around a lot
when I am trying to fall asleep
and that I cannot stand to have anything up against me
when I am resting
or hot.
I hog the blankets.
You don't need my dog to tell you this, though.
My husband will expound, I am sure.

Benji would tell you that I eat too much,
because I cannot seem to read a book
or watch a movie
without something good to eat.
Yeah, my dog could explain
the extra few pounds I can't seem to shave off.


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