Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daniel Chapter Three

Even if You don't
come through for me
the way I want You too,
I choose You,
as You chose me.

Even if You
will never be
the face I paint on You,
the golden idol I cast You in,
the fear and trembling at my feet,
I want to be Yours,
stay Yours,

Even if You leave me here,
unknown and struggling
to find my place
and my name
in this world full of other poets
other artists
starving or feasting,
I will serve You.

Because what I want is not a genie in a lamp
or Santa Clause
or even a magic wishing well
in some beautiful enchanted forest.

What I want is You,
in all Your own glory
and surpassing anything I ever think
I might know about You.

I want You.


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