Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Volumes

Taking a page from LL Barkat and posting my top 10 poetry volumes.  This will be HARD.

  1. The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni has been on my wish-list for ages.  I love her and I visit this book in B&N on a regular basis. My Daddy first introduced me to her poetry when I was a young teen, hanging out in the library with him while he drooled over a particularly beautiful librarian.
  2. Everyday Musings is a volume of poems from a contest I won 2nd place in.  It was very exciting to make it so far in the competition.
  3. Any book by Mary Oliver is worth the read.  It was the dear AshleyQ who introduced me to these poems.
  4. I own 2 copies of The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson.  I have a hardback and a paperback.  Both were gifts when I was in high school.
  5. Love Poems is a small red leather volume I have had since high school or college.  I cannot even find it online to link to it.  I have turned to it time and again for inspiration.
  6. The Portable Dorothy Parker includes some of her verse.  I love this woman's wit and sarcasm.  Oh, to have known her!
  7. Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti is the best read-aloud poem ever written, to my knowledge.  I wrote a paper on the sexual imagery in college.
  8. I read a biography of Edna St. Vincent Milay a few years back and fell in love with her.  She is good.  Try her.  You'll like her.  ;)
  9. Desiree bought me The Soul of Rumi, last year, and I love love love love love it.  Rumi is amazing. 
  10. Neruda is pure sensual pleasure.  'nuff said.




  1. LL read me one out of her Neruda book at Mt Hermon. I almost swooned. Needed smelling salts and Craig. :) I keep seeing these lovely little bits of Rumi. Will have to find him. Thanks Heather.

  2. Okay, how silly is this. I didn't realize you were the same Heather I've been chatting with on Facebook.

    Omg. :)

    Like I said there, love your list. Thanks for playing along.

  3. this will take some looking into.


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