Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have Rihanna on Pandora.
I have eclectic taste in music, I know.
David has been hiding his socks.
21 pair stuffed behind his dresser!
Ai yi yi!
I built the media for church today.
First time building on the Mac by myself...
It is baby shower weekend!
Presents are wrapped.
Decor is ready to go,
Except fresh flowers.
I'll buy those Sat morning.
Leila is looking BEAUTIFUL!
Pregnant women never seem to realize how gorgeous they are.
I have said before...
Pregnancy is the most beautiful poem God has written
and I am sure there is a poem there.
I will write it...
I am reading my first Eudora Welty novel.
I love it!
It feels like curling up in a down quilt.
I am pretty good at ignoring offenses to myself.
I am.
I suck at ignoring offenses to my husband...
or my friends.
Am about to start The Artist's Way with a group...
I do so love the Tues morning girls!
Can you believe I have never done this book?



  1. I think you'll like The Artists Way until you get to the "no reading" week. Urgh.

  2. I tried the Artist's Way a few years back and wasn't disciplined enough to do those darned morning pages so i gave up. i might try again and see how it goes.

    i came over from tweetspeak poetry. glynn is featuring you. eclectic? you sound like my kind of gal!


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