Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Artist's Dates

There are two basic practices I will be doing as part of the Artist's Way group I am in on Tuesday mornings.  One of these practices is called Morning Pages and means I will be writing 3 pages a day - longhand - in my journal and not sharing it with anyone.  Practice #2 is to take myself on a weekly Artist's Date.  I have been brainstorming what some of these dates can be.  My goal is to keep them free or very inexpensive.  I decided to list some ideas here and see if anyone has some to share in return.

Labyrinth Walks - I was introduced to labyrinths while living in Brandon, MS.  I love them.  There are 2 that I know of in Tupelo.  I use the one behind the Catholic church offices most often.  Find a labyrinth near you via the Labyrinth Locator.

Hobby Lobby - Visit any craft store, really.  Even the craft department at Walmart ('cept many are being phased out).  You don't have to buy anything.  Just take in aisle after aisle of inspiration.  Or, find the aisle full of kits and choose a quick craft you can make.

Color - The last time I bought my boys new coloring books, I bought one for myself, as well.  I chose a Lisa Frank book, b/c that brings back so many fond memories of childhood and allows me to use a lot of bright colored crayons.

Visit a Cemetery - I love a graveyard.  Names and epitaphs and untold stories abound. It is usually quiet and peaceful.  An easy place to find solitude.

Camera Walk - Take your camera, or even your camera phone, and walk around downtown or in your church or a mall.  Take pictures of anything that strikes your fancy.  Colors, textures, words, food...

Collage - I have been making collages since I can remember.  A few old magazines and a theme.  Sometimes I collage words or colors or things I want or things I dream about.  You can make a collage of things that remind you of a friend and give it to them.

Bookstore - Or a library, but there is just something about a bookstore for me.  I like to choose poetry books to sit with.  Or, art books.  The big expensive ones I would never actually buy.  So much fun!

Local Attractions - We have the Buffalo Park here.  And the Gum Tree Museum of Art.  I have not visited either, and I really should.  There are parks all over town and little eateries I have never been inside.  Try to view your town as a tourist one day.

Movie - Go to a movie alone.  See whatever you want.  Have whatever snacks you want.  Laugh as loud as you want.  This is more fun that you might think it could be.

Water - Go anywhere there is water and look at it.  The beach or a lake or a pond or even a swimming pool if that strikes you.  Stare at the water.  Think about the water.  Write about it or draw it or paint it or dance near the edge.  If it is warm enough, go into the water.  Sing and dance and recite in the water.  Float.  Sink.  Swim. Water never fails to inspire SOMETHING inside of me.

Legos - Build something.  Legos or wooden blocks or K'nex will work. My boys love me to build with them and our fingers love the new ideas.

Childhood Memories - Do something you loved as a kid.  For me, that could be...  Riding a bike, playing in the woods, building in the sand, drawing dresses or making a fort from blankets and chair.

Reread - There are some favorite books that will always inspire me.  Little House, Oz, Dr Suess, Shel Silverstien...

Old Letters - Do you have cards and letters from high school?  College?  Two years ago?  Pull them out.  What about journals and diaries?  Read those.  It is amazing what we can find in these places.

Rearrange - I love to organize my books or my closet or the boys' clothes.  What seems like work can stimulate my brain in ways I would not have imagined.  My mind likes ordering the colors and titles and styles.

Bath - Take a hot bath.  Watch the water running into the tub.  Rub oils on your skin.  Smell aromatic candles.  Shave.  Lotion.  Powder.  Comb your hair slowly. 

What do you suggest?


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  1. looks like you have lots of ideas already.


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