Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long Drive Home

I drove home from SC yesterday.  I drove from SC to Jackson and had the blessing of holding Andi's hand and praying over her with Sherry.  She looks so beautiful.  After, Suzanne and I drove from Jackson to Tupelo and I was glad to slide between warm sheets in my own bed.

The pictures posted of the car Andi was pulled from...  they are stuck in my head.  I was thinking of them so much as I started my trip, yesterday, that I found a poem forming, unbidden, in my brain.  I finally had to pull over at a BP and scribble the lines into my notebook.

That was after
the mangled metal...
after they'd cut
through chrome
and steel
to birth her body,
and barely
The photo is only after
and fireworks
and somersaults -
after the shock
of an 18-wheeled wall
of never-saw-it-coming,
a wide expanse
of I-am-so-sorry.
I can only swallow
the lump
in my throat that matches
the after-collision lump
of white car.


Visit Andi's Caring Bridge Site.  Leave prayers and scripture - encouragement.


  1. Oh my! What an awful accident . . . very beautiful poem, my friend.

    Hope to see pics of that tat! I'll check FB to see if you've posted any. Hope you're well, friend.


  2. Oh wait! I see the tattoo below. How great!


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