Monday, December 28, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas

Published an Elvis poem
Really love that blog
Wearing my apple hat today
The apple hat always makes me feel fun and confident
Savannah is as beautiful as ever
She donated her hair to Locks of Love
We saw Mandy and Scott last night
How two people can be so much alike is beyond me
But Mandy and I manage
And now I need to see Knight's Tale
How did I miss that the first time around?
Mandy painted me an owl
My owl is fabulous and fun
She will go on my wall
She needs a name
I think I will call her Sophia
It means wisdom, after all
Scott called us nerds
We were just trying to read Chaucer in Olde English
Why am I not using punctuation today?
Other than question marks
I do not know
We visited Corey's church from when he was a youth
Fun stuff
It has been a wonderful Christmas


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