Thursday, December 10, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude - TV on DVD

I seldom get really into a series, b/c once I am into it, I have to see Every. Single. Episode.  And... I have to see them in order. DVR enabled me to become addicted to Private Practice, Project Runway and a couple of others here and there.  Hubby and I are recording V, and we recording the whole last season on Monk to marathon some weekend. However, it was DVD that first allowed me the beauty that is Grey's Anatomy.  And, for that, I will always be grateful.  ;)

Currently, I am getting into Gilmore Girls.  That is what I watch while folding laundry, addressing cards, etc...  I had never even seen an episode, but I knew a few people who loved the show.  My Minime, Sara, is a fan, so I figured I would be as well.  Then, when Paige and Mary Clair dressed up as Lorelie and Rory for Halloween, I decided I had to understand.  So, Netflix is helping me with this new addiction.  It is slow though.  1 disc at a time can take forever.

Laundry is much easier to get done with I am treated to a great show. 


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