Wednesday, December 16, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude - Inspiration

Things that inspire me lately:

haunting images, audio books, Nikki Giovanni, Gilmore Girls, children at play, metaphors, fun words, friends, celebrations, Elvis, colored leaves, stained glass windows, empty churches, Prayer Room, Aimee, school, Corey's studying, coffee mugs, Christmas ornaments, classy decor, fancy dresses, thrift stores, England, Israel, dreams of travel, kid-art, meeting new people, Helping Hands, the AIDS infants in a hospital in Florida, people who choose to love even when it is hard, Camille and Crofton, Yoga, Christian mystics, the women who I meet with to talk about Christian mystics, Raigan's sermons and passion, silliness, generosity, crazy dreams, beautiful newborns, Leila's pregnancy, my kids, greeting cards...


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