Monday, December 7, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude - Church Family

Years of being a ministry spouse has shown me some good churches and some.. well... some that I will hold my tongue on in a public forum.  I have been loved and looked down on, helped and hurt.  By God's blessing, the last 5 years have been filled with the loving and helpful, almost entirely.  To illustrate why I am so happy in our current church home, let me share a conversation from yesterday. 

Corey and I attended a Christmas party (where the most fabulous Italian Cream Cake ever baked was served) at the Craig's beautiful home.  While, there, we ended up standing in a group with Desiree, Caroline, Andy and Katherine (Andy being our senior pastor and Katherine his wife).  We were talking about the last year of life, how we have settled into Tupelo and enjoy being here.  Caroline and Desi were telling Corey they needed him to stick around until their children were old enough for the youth ministry.  We talked about how many years until he finishes school and how the plan is to be here AT LEAST through that.  Hopefully, we will stay after. 

Caroline said maybe he should go ahead and work for his PhD when he finishes his MDiv, if that will keep us here longer.  Everyone laughed.  I exclaimed that I am not sure I can handle him going to school that long.  It is hard work for all of us.  Caroline gestured to Desi and said, "We'll take care of you, Heather." 

And, see?  This is home.  This is family.  This is how "Church" is supposed to work.

Thank you, FUMC Tupelo.  We love you too.


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  1. What a tribute to the people of FUMC! I agree that is what church is supposed to be like. We are to encourage and lift up rather than tear down and destroy.


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