Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Will Goodness Ever Prevail?

November came in cooly and brought strep throat along for the ride.  Gr.  I fought bravely for a couple of days, but yesterday I gave in.  I fought the sick, and the sick won. So it has been a few days of ice cream and books and computer games. Tomorrow, better or not, laundry must get folded and dishes must get washed. 

I am reading a piece of fluff fiction right now.  I would probably be embarrassed, except that I read so much non-fluff that a chick lit novel here and there seems acceptable.  Every once in a while, I like a predictable story.  The main character will have a life changing experience.  She and the handsome and seemingly unattainable man will fall in love and live happily ever after.  The arrogant snotty women who we all love to hate will get knocked down a notch or two, or else reformed.  Goodness will prevail.  At a time in life when it seems to be taking forever for Goodness to Prevail (2009 being my Year of Patience, remember?), I could use a story where everything gets wrapped up just like I want it to. 

My oldest has turned into a little artist.  He took a painting lesson at Main ARTery and then started drawing in his spare time.  He especially loves characters and cartoons.  His teacher is encouraging this, and I am grateful for that.  He needs an outlet and has had no interest in playing sports.  At least, he doesn't want to play them with anyone other than his daddy. I think he will get some drawing books and sketch pads for Christmas. 

Corey's Granddaddy has been hospitalized.  I am not sure of all the facts.  Last I knew, however, he was sitting up and joking around with people.  They are keeping him until Friday "for observation."  I have heard heart attack and stroke and phneumonia and even the word "oncology."  Please pray for Granddaddy.  I love that man.


PS  Why did blogger do away with the Spell Check option?


  1. U better believe that artist is going to get encouraged by Aunt Ashley ;P *hugs*

  2. ((((hugs)))) I forgot it was the Year of Patience for you. Yikes. What a year it's been, too. Hang in there!


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