Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still Cannot Find Spell Check

Clergy is a funny word.
It is!
I finished my perfectly predictable fluff book.
It was perfectly predictable.
My throat is still swollen.
I cannot seem to shake this.
I have the best in-laws in the WORLD.
Modern Family is the best new show this season.
Regretsy is the best blog to kill time on.
I did write a letter for a friend today.
Does that make me semi-productive?
Corey took the kids to school and cleaned my kitchen.
I love that man.
I've been looking for Honey Ice Cream.
Mandy found some.
I have had no luck.
In the meantime, I love Banana Pudding by Blue Bell.
Had the best book group discussion Mon night.
I love our church book group.
We read Mudhouse Sabbath, for this past meeting.
Lauren Winner is simply fabulous.
It was my selection for the year and I can't help but be thrilled that the other members loved it.
My reading can be a bit eclectic.
Meaning, it isn't always certain that others will like what I like.
Saw Where the Wild Things Are.
Lots of good talking points with the oldest.
Youngest, as predicted, just thought the monsters were funny.
Haydn brought his sketchbook home to show me.
He draws a ton of tornadoes.
He also draws robots, cars, aliens and fish.
When we buy a house, I may let him have a weather mural painted on one wall.
Can you believe it is Novemeber?
I am not prepared for the holidays.
*deep breath*
And where did the spell check button go?



  1. There was once a time without spellcheck, without a word processor, without even a typewriter. Those were the days when people wrote with a quill, and those were the days when the best literature was set to words. Think of no spellcheck as a nostalgic reminder of the days when your favorite classical authors first set to words the works that still inspire you on a rainy day, even though they were written (not typed) a century or more ago. This may not work at first (I have cursed twice while retyping words in this post). But how's that for positive thinking? Thanks for posting on SELTI!


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