Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude - Yoga

I am very grateful for Yoga lately.  I did lose a few pounds when I started doing Yoga regularly.  And I have found that I have better posture since making it a habit.  But, what I love about Yoga is how it can be a spiritual experience, a way to involve my body in prayer and in fellowship.  There are some truly lovely women in the class I go to at church twice a week.  I am blessed to get to know them. 

I always hated exercise classes, because I would end up feeling behind or out of step.  It was more work than fun.  Yoga is very much a set-your-own-pace workout.  No one has ever looked at me funny if I cannot hold a pose very long or am too tired and return to child's pose.  I can close my eyes at the start of class and focus on some words of a prayer or an image of God.  By the end of class, by Savasana, I am relaxed.  So relaxed that, sometimes, I feel tears pushing at my eyes as we lie there in silence.  All of the muscles I normally keep tense, keep steady holding myself together, are loose and released.  It's like letting go and crying when you just can't take it anymore.


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