Tuesday, November 17, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude - Small Groups

I am thankful for the wonderful small groups our church offers.  I am doing Disciple with my Remnant sisters.  This group meets early on Thursday mornings, before work and school gets underway.  Last spring, I studied Esther with a small group on Thursdays as well.  This fall, I have joined a group that does Yoga twice a week and a group that is studying the Christian Mystics (today we talked about St Bernard).  Once a month, I meet with a wonderful group of people to talk about books.  On Sunday nights, I lead small group for Junior and Senior girls. 

I have been at churches where very little was offered.  I have been at churches where I could not participate because there was no childcare during meeting times.  And I have been to wonderful churches like this one, where people are hungry for God's word and for community.

Praise God!


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