Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude - Romans

I love the book of Romans.  It is the first book I remember doing any sort of in-depth study on.  That was back in middle school, I think.  It was at Mom's church, I know.  David Zeller used to teach it.  I found my notes from that a few weeks ago.  Over the summer, I reread Romans.  This time, I read it in The Message and fell in love.  Every verse seemed aimed right at me.  It was like a direct conversation with God every time I sat down with my Bible. 

I am working on a gift for a friend, and I am using a lot of scripture.  Today, I pulled out my summer notes on Romans to select a few verses.  "I love Romans!"  I exclaimed.  Corey ignored me.  He is, by now, used to my seemingly random announcements.  I am, generally, making them to myself or to Jesus.  LOL! 

Disciple reading has finally progressed to the New Testament.  We are finishing up John, which means Acts is next and then... Romans.  Yup yup.  I am excited.


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