Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 Days of Gratitude - Books

Raigan challenged us to start keeping a daily journal of things we are grateful for.  Well, we already do that, as a family.  Before the boys go to bed, we open our Grateful Book and each of us writes down one thing we are thankful for from that day.  And we leave a blank space next to Savannah's name, at the boys' insistence.  This simultaneously warms and breaks my heart.  But, that is another blog for another time. 

I was thinking about Raigan's challenge and also about how I have not been blogging with much passion lately.  I decided to challenge myself to 30 Days of Grateful Blogging.  I will write, each day, about something I am grateful for.

Today?  Books. 

I reorganized my books this past week.  They had been in egg crates, stacked in my craft room.  I turned the egg crates sideways and made shelves.  All of my "To Be Read" volumes are scattered in the closet floor.  I also have a basket full of books to give away, a stack of borrowed books to return and a stack of library books.  Oh, and I have a box filled with Bible Study workbooks and that sort of thing as well.  I am a bit of a bibliophile. 

I somehow doubt this surprises anyone.


  1. Yep, had to click on the images separately to see what you've got. What fun. Personally, I'm a huge fan of 'I Capture the Castle'...did you see the DVD of it? Wonderful, and so like the book.

    Nice to see Natalie all snuggled on your shelves as well. :)

  2. Pretty!!! and I have to agree with Melissa, the movie is good...but of course, the book is better.


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