Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have the reading gene.  I can't help it.  Granted, I also don't WANT to help it. 

When I think back to being a kid, I can remember my Daddy reading.  He read while he ate dinner.  He read in the bathroom.  He read in bed.  He read... well, he read everywhere.  The only time I can remember him not reading is when he was on the computer.  Then, go back a generation, and you have my Papaw.  He read his Bible constantly.  That Bible is tattered to bits and covered in his scrawl.  Go back one more generation to my great grandfather, and you get to the good story.

He spent the summer selling his used books.  Then he spent the money on new books.  When it got cold he hibernated in a cabin and read.  Summer came and he sold those books, bought more, and started over. Now, don't go thinking this made him some quiet scholarly type.  He was once kicked off a farm for impregnating BOTH of the farmer's daughters.  He abandoned his children after their mother was run out of town.  He was found, dead, on some railroad tracks.  Odds are, someone killed him.  And, odds are, he deserved it.  But, hey, the man liked to read.

Now, here I am, never without at least one book.  Seldom without three.  My purse has two compartments.  One holds my wallet and keys, etc...  The other holds a notebook, a journal, a book on writing, a novel and usually one or two other books of some kind.  Welcome to my world.



  1. lol -- I have FOUR in my purse right now..........

  2. Enjoyed your post! I must find time to read fun stuff! I am always reading, but it is my Bible and commentaries mostly. I treat myself to Christian fiction occasionally and so enjoy it.

  3. Kay have you read any Francine Rivers? I don't do a ton of Christian fiction, but I really enjoy her writing.


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