Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Bit Like a Jungle

I am sitting at church, surrounded by plants and sunlight. It feels a bit like a jungle. I like sitting here with my computer. I get more done. If I try to work at home, I get distracted by the 5 billion other things I need/want to be doing. It is like a line from one of Fiona Apple's songs, "Home is where my habits have a habitat."

I have been editing Corey's midterm. He has done a great job of spacing out his work over this semester, so far, and doing tasks one at a time. This midterm was a tough one though, and the poor man didn't sleep at all last night. There is just so much going on in our lives all at one time, good and bad things. All leads to stress. Anyhow, I read through his papers when he finishes and correct his sleep-deprived typos. I must say, I do not miss writing academic papers. They are not nearly as much fun as poems and essays and journaling.

I am about to head over to Main ARTery, where I am teaching today. My mind is on Natalie. I am going to read a piece I wrote about her. Our topic today is unsent letters.



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