Thursday, September 3, 2009


At last, we come to Laodicea. This has to be the most quoted letter from Revelation. It is the "lukewarm" section of scripture. In The Message, at the start of this letter, Jesus is referred to as "God's Yes." I love that.

So, the lukewarm. These people aren't exactly hypocrites - not in the same way He wrote about in the other letters. They are simply satisfied with themselves. They no longer see their need for God. I relate this, today, to the Religious Checklist people. They go to church on Sunday so they can check that off their list. It is part of their routine. They are good people. They give to charity and check that off their list as well. They say a prayer and check the list. Their relationship with Christ has shriveled up to nothing, but they are okay with that most days. Life is pretty good. They get by.

But God loves them. He doesn't want to lose them to this boring existence. He wants them to turn to Him, to run to Him. And, because He loves them and knows what is best for them, He will do whatever it takes to get their attention again.

He stands at the door. He knocks. Will you answer?


Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing
through the churches. (Rev 3:22)

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